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    Agroprodmash: A Show that Works

  • The annual Agroprodmash international exhibition for equipment, technologies, raw materials and ingredients for the food processing industry didn’t stop during the pandemic. It appears to be not only a unique case in the exhibition industry but also a barometer to assess the situation in the food industry.


    Judge for yourself, in 2020, 39.1% of the visitors came Agroprodmash for the first time. This is quite a substantial renewal of the audience. Besides, the exhibitors say, and the registration statistics confirm, the lion’s share of the visitors work in food production and food processing. Moreover, 76.2% of the visitors make or influence purchasing decisions.


    Why come to Agroprodmash?

    The Agroprodmash visitors are interested not only in equipment for food and beverage production but also in packaging, filling, refrigeration, storage, test, and weighing equipment. There is an increased demand for ingredients, automation and robotic manufacturing solutions, food safety, sanitation and hygiene, and components. Other things that the Agroprodmash visitors come to the show for are formulas, recipes and technologies, as well as scientific developments. The visitors‘ interests include construction and renovation of food industry facilities, recycling, and waste management.


    Agroprodmash has a prolonged effect: it gives boost to deals and sales throughout the year. According to the visitors, 89.1% of them plan to make purchases after the show. In fact, Agroprodmash has a reputation for delivering an excellent ROI. The challenges of 2020 have only solidified it.


    As a result, 88% of the exhibitors are going to take part in Agroprodmash 2021 following the outcome of their participation in the edition of 2020. Also, 97% of them would recommend the show to their partners and peers.


    You can learn more about the statistics at https://www.agroprodmash-expo.ru/en/exhibition/results/.



    „We see that the professional audience has an increased interest in Agroprodmash. The stand booking is well under way: different companies are actively signing contracts. And we are aware of our responsibility as organisers. We closely follow the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the WHO,” says Tatiana Piskareva, Head of the EXPOCENTRE Food Exhibitions Division.


    The year 2020 showed us that EXPOCENTRE AO had everything necessary to ensure safety for its exhibitors and visitors. The venue’s facilities make it possible to maintain a safe distance between people, regulate the flow of visitors, and provide additional disinfection.


    To learn more, go to https://www.agroprodmash-expo.ru/en/


    To learn more about specifics of the Russian market of food and food processing equipment, go to https://www.agroprodmash-expo.ru/en/exhibition/facts/


    We are looking forward to seeing you at Agroprodmash 2021 on 4–8 October 2021 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia!

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