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    MTG-SLIDEFLEX hose and the sanitization procedures in the beer industry


    The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on all of us. Effective hygiene practices are nowadays extremely important especially in the beverage industry. In order to ensure that high contact surfaces are properly cleaned on a routine basis, MTG has developed the hose SLIDEFLEX with special low friction thermoplastic cover to ensure effective external cleaning and resistance to the most popular disinfectants, remove dirt and while sanitizing kill germs remaining on the surface. In fact, the special cover guarantees more effective cleaning than a porous rubber covered hose.

    Cleaning and disinfection of the hose inside liner through CIP procedures is important but the outer part of the hose is equally important.

    Food and beverage industry manufacturers are now paying attention to measures aimed at protecting their workforce and implementing hygiene practices in working place where hoses are installed.

    Having the hose resistant to the sanitizing procedures guarantees safety in the working place and effectiveness in reducing the spread of the viruses and disease within the beer industry.

    Visit the website www.mtgspa.com to know more about the MTG product range.

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