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    Taste, nutrients and sustainable packaging for drinks of future


    Among the multiple applications of HPP, juices and beverages have experienced increasing growth during the last few years, in spite of the packaging was limited to the use of plastic materials. Since 2018, producers have a new option to process their beverages before bottling in any container and this has opened a whole world of possibilities. Thanks to Hiperbaric Bulk Technology, the first HPP in-bulk juices are already available in the market.

  • Juste Pressé, a French-based company who offers fruit & vegetable High Pressure Processing (HPP) juices and natural plant-based products, has launched the first HPP juice in carton packaging in the world, which is at the same time, the most environmentally-friendly HPP juice.
    “There is no other technology that allows to keep fresh-like juice properties: real taste, vitamins and antioxidants for several weeks”, said Alexia Chassagne (President) and Sophie Legros (CEO), founders of Juste Pressé.
    HPP is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) food and beverage preservation method, based on the use of high isostatic pressure uniformly and instantaneously transmitted by water for a few minutes. It achieves an effect equivalent to pasteurization, except without the use of heat and it has a lot of benefits:
    • Fresh-like, Premium Beverages. HPP is a non-thermal process that helps preserve the color, flavor and fresh attributes of beverages, which can be similar to a freshly squeezed juice.
    • Food Safety. Numerous scientific journals and validation studies state that HPP technology can achieve a 5-log reduction of relevant pathogenic microorganisms in juices, as required by the FDA in the United States.
    • Extended Shelf Life. Depending on the application and HPP recipe, it is possible to extend the shelf life of beverages anywhere between 6 weeks and 3 months, in some cases, even longer.
    • Clean Label. HPP is a non-thermal process and does not require preservatives or additives. Products can be marketed as a clean label product that is “cold-processed”, “non-thermally processed” or “natural”. It is also possible to obtain the High Pressure Certified ® Mark, which helps consumer identify the benefits delivered by HPP.
    • Functional and probiotic beverages. By using HPP, the nutritional and functional properties remain intact, maintaining its probiotic character and enzymatic activity.
    • Technology with no limitations on packaging. Previously with the In-Pack units, it was only possible to use flexible plastic packaging such as, bottles, bags, bag-in-box and containers. However, now with the new range of Hiperbaric Bulk technology, it is possible to use glass, cardboard, or 100% biodegradable packaging.
    Juste Pressé already knows both strengths in using HPP and Hiperbaric Bulk technology.
    If you want to know more about this company and Hiperbaric Bulk Technology don’t miss the next video.


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