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dedica is a special trade magazine, written in magazine style and independent from circulation structures and reports about business gifts, incentives and promotions. You can find among selected topics information about company and product news as well as trade fair reports, federation news and many more interesting things.

The magazine's aim is to represent the huge spectrum of promotional gifts in detail and to make it transparent. The reader finds strategies for an effective use of the promotional products connected with marketing and management information.

dedica reaches 70 % marketing and promotion manager and sales manager of trade and industry as well as 15 % reader in the wholesale and 15 % in advertising agencies. The circulation area covers Germany and German speaking countries abroad.

The magazine serves all category groups, which can be managed within the consisting marketing machinery. Readers will successfully avail themselves of that wealth of ideas and stimulations. The magazine gives the advertiser the opportunity to promote and discuss their products and new solutions and to convince the market of their services. Thus both readers and advertisers can take advantage.


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