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    ist das internationale Fachmagazin für Führungskräfte der Nahrungsmittel- und Getränkeindustrie.


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    Slow Milling® range allows for the cost-effective creation of premium products on a commercial scale

    Innovative ingredients for authentic artisan baking

    Natural and economical
    Demand for global artisan baked products has soared in recent years and looks set to continue to do so thanks to the ongoing popularity of premium and multigrain baked goods. Traditional baking methods and authenticity have come to the fore as consumers better understand and appreciate the creation of bakery products in limited quantities using superior natural ingredients. Such products are also considered to be much more appealing than mass baked breads in terms of flavour, appearance and nutritional benefits. In short, shoppers are seeking out clean label bakery products that contain natural, health-promoting ingredients - and at a price that suits their budget.


    So how can wholesale and industrial bakeries capitalise on this trend? The answer is very easily, thanks to GoodMills Innovation’s newly relaunched Slow Milling® range which allows for the creation of deliciously authentic products on a commercial scale.

    The return to artisan methods was the guiding principle for the comprehensive revision of the range, including raw materials and recipes for the easy production of, premium quality, better-for-you baked goods.

    Natural baking is a key driver of the Slow Milling® range, with its latest recipes even more in tune with today’s zeitgeist thanks to a special focus on the use of pre-doughs and long dough resting times for a truly artisan feel. In contrast to baking mixes, Slow Milling® allows plenty of scope for the creation of baked goods with highly desirable characteristics, and gives manufacturers an unrivalled opportunity to differentiate their products with high-quality inclusions such as malted flakes made from rye or spelt. Put simply, the Slow Milling® range is a toolkit of value-added raw materials for safe and easily reproducible baked goods.

    Outstanding taste and aroma

    Ferment’tic is a perfect example of the capabilities of the Slow Milling® range and is particularly suitable for Mediterranean wheat pastries such as ciabatta or grilled offerings which, with a relatively short processing time, promise a round aroma full of character, as well as an open pore and hearty crust.

    For the production of this natural baking agent, GoodMills Innovation uses a wheat germ sourdough, with previously time-consuming process steps factored into its production in order to improve the quality of the pastries, without any downtime in the bakery. This cost-efficient ingredient allows for the creation of aromatic, crispy bakery products with outstanding taste.

    Another inclusion in the portfolio is Ammber® Flour – an alternative to ordinary wheat that allows for the production of pastries made from ancient grain. Shoppers are increasingly ditching the traditional sliced white loaf, as they consider it be ultra processed and have no nutritional benefits. In contrast, baked goods made with Ammber ancient grain flour are distinguished by their subtle yellow crumb, aromatic taste and outstanding freshness for enhanced consumer perception. Furthermore, the flour is naturally rich in carotenoids and promises extended shelf life.

    Finally, Slow Milling® Wood-fired malt is designed to enhance the aromatic flavour of products baked in a wood-fired oven. This clean label ingredient supports water absorption and an attractive crumb colour for authentic artisan creations.

    On-trend recipe concepts

    GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling® range includes a large number of basic recipes that guarantee successful application of the raw materials. However, all baked goods can be modified or expanded according to individual requirements, current trends and market conditions. The recipes are designed in such a way that they can be easily implemented in large bakeries and by industrial bakers, from bread and rolls to cakes and pastries. Coupled with the application expertise of the baking experts at GoodMills Innovation, the Slow Milling® ingredients allow for significant cost-savings in production, too, so that bakeries can offer customers premium baked goods at an appealing price.


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