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    ist das internationale Fachmagazin für Führungskräfte der Nahrungsmittel- und Getränkeindustrie.


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    Case Study – P.E. Labellers & Sani Trasporti

    When a supplier knows how to solve a problem promptly and efficiently, he wins the customer over. When he knows how to anticipate needs and propose differentiated solutions, he becomes a partner to be kept close. With PE it was easy to notice this right away.


    P.E. Labellers and Sani Trasporti: the history of a partnership

    Sani Trasporti is inextricably linked to the Italian agri-food sector. It is a historical company established in 1950 and that evolved in the various generational transitions. Since its inception, the company has been working alongside important producers of canned products, that have been responding to logistical needs for the distribution of products and, over time, also to packaging requirements. This is how Sani Trasporti met PE Labellers, a leader in the production of automatic labeling machines, which are essential elements in the packaging process. “As it often occurs, an opportunity arose from a need” says Ivo Sani, owner of the company together with the siblings Franco and Giampietro, and head of the Packaging section. “In 2016, a well-known company of preserves that had begun its rise in the international food market, expressed the need for the excellent labelling of its products. My thoughts went to PE and I was very satisfied with the choice Case Study – P.E. Labellers & Sani Trasporti When a supplier knows how to solve a problem promptly and efficiently, he wins the customer over. When he knows how to anticipate needs and propose differentiated solutions, he becomes a partner to be kept close. With PE it was easy to notice this right away. P.E. Labellers and Sani Trasporti: the history of a partnership made. First of all this was because they showed the ability to react and solve the problem immediately, thus responding with great timing and professionalism”. It was a first important test bed, which laid the foundations for a solid and lasting collaborative relationship. Following this experience, Sani purchased the first labelling machine from P.E. Labellers, one with hot glue technology and an optical, label centering system. This solution has enriched the packaging lines inside company plants. “2PE found the solution, immediately”, continues Ivo Sani “just as what you would like to always happen when you face a problem. The benefit was immediate for the end customer and us. Compared to other suppliers of automatic labelling machines interviewed, PE has demonstrated itself to be of a truly superior level of professionalism and knowledge. However, this is not just about technical skills: the feeling is that of complete trust, and of being listened to all the time with the same level of attention. This is a significant advantage”. Today Sani Trasporti is a company that attests to its growth in the market, one of those excellences in Italy. Since its inception, it has reached a fleet of 100 units, seen employees increase to 150 loyal people, and expanded its own Headquarters with two storage plants and two packaging lines.

    What weight do they have and what role do PE machines play in the company’s production lines?

    “They play a key role, I would say – continued Ivo Sani – one doubly connected to the final output of the packaging process and the yield of product packaging. I identify the main plus factors in both the high quality of the PE labelling machines that guarantee perfect labelling solutions, and in the business processes aimed at quickly solving the production needs to be met”.

    Which labelling machines were chosen to meet the company’s production needs?

    Once again, the packaging needs expressed by customers have sealed the partnership between Sani Trasporti and P.E. Labellers. In 2019 another important reality in the Dairy sector was the labelling of half-kilo tin containers, in large volumes and with record timing. Also in this case, P.E. was able to solve the problem with so much speed and skill during the first collaboration, that the company bought the machine after that. “This labeling solution – Ivo Sani explained – is an even more advanced machine than the previous one, and features three stations with adhesive technology and the innovative centering system of the label on the jar cap. We make it work in double shifts, practically with nonstop production. When our clients see it in operation and become aware of the results it brings, they fall in love with this PE machine and ask us to use it to “dress up” their products in the best possible way”.

    Past and current demands: what is behind the choice of a product?

    Since 2016 the expectations and goals of Healthy Transport have changed, in line with production requirements of many companies we serve daily. ”In short, what we need most today is “Flexibility” continues Ivo Sani. What really makes the difference is the ability to readily adapt to the needs of customers from different sectors of the Food market. We happen to have to respond to ever new requests from companies, which raise the bar day after day and call for ever higher standards of excellence. The beauty of P.E. is that it does not compromise, but instead provides qualitatively superior solutions”. The first P.E. machine purchased met the need for hot glue labeling (15,000 BpH) and with adhesive technology (12,000 BpH). The second doubles the labeling stations, a hot glue and three adhesives, with a solution that enables superior performance reaching 26,000 BpH with hot labeling and 24,000 BpH in adhesive stations. In this way, the great advantage of “nonstop” processing is obtained with the application of a label and the simultaneous application of the guarantee seal. It is a powerful and efficient machine, with easy access to many format changes. It is as if you can say that it has “standardized efficiency.” The results are so satisfying that Sani is already nurturing the idea of having a third P.E. machine like this one, to offer its customers an increasingly advanced packaging service.

    The challenges to be faced and the working solution

    If timing is a key element in giving decisive answers to customers, it is clear how the installation process of the labeling machine on the production and packaging line should be as fluid as possible. How did it go with PE? “All the phases of selection, production of the machine, testing, trial run and installation did not have any hitches or slowdowns on the schedule we had set ourselves – continued Ivo Sani. Even today, just pick up the phone and you can be sure that the company is ready to respond with great efficiency. Expertise saves time and solves problems, and personally I find that enormously beneficial”.

    A changing market, the new goals to reach

    The new demands are imposed by a market that is increasingly competitive and requires today, for example, the mixed automated lines to label trays with various kinds of products. This requirement did not exist years ago and today represents a new frontier. Automating this process and making it available to companies, means providing high quality service and optimizing processes, as Sani does for its customers. And to do that, it needs the right suppliers, that is, really reliable and “super-flexible” partners.

    The next steps: how to get equipped and act in advance

    In 2021 the inauguration of the third packaging line in Sani Trasporti will probably be seen. It will be one more step that the company will take with the aim of serving its customers with ever-greater efficiency, in line with the continuous evolution of the food market itself, due to the fragmentation of the production companies that operate in the world of preserves, dairy products, pasta, sauces, pesto, food for fitness, etc. “It is also thanks to the work of companies like P.E. that we have come this far – Ivo Sani concludes. We are confident that the collaboration will continue to maintain the levels of professionalism and flexibility that PE has accustomed us to, since day one. The future will be full of opportunities that we are ready to seize”.

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