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    ist das internationale Fachmagazin für Führungskräfte der Nahrungsmittel- und Getränkeindustrie.


    Diese Fachzeitschrift wird als E-Paper mit interaktiven Inhalten angeboten.

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    Daxner Container Handling DCS: Performance. Flexibility. Hygienic Design.

    Daxner at the Anuga FoodTec 2022 – Halle 10.1 / Booth D061/D069

    Company Daxner realizes high-tech plant solutions for the handling of powders and granulates worldwide.

    For the high quality and hygiene standards in the food sector, Daxner developed the agile and flexible container handling systems DCS. During the entire manufacturing process, the raw materials are transported in a fully automated and at the same time gentle way in a closed container system - optionally in combination with laser-controlled automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or a combination with a storage and retrieval system, chain conveyors and shuttle systems.


    A system concept individually tailored to the customer ensures complete transparency of the material flow, so that the risk of cross-contamination of the end product can be absolutely minimized. At the same time, high throughput rates are possible.

    A fully automated container system ensures high throughput, precise dosing and allergen-free handling of components. Products and batches can be changed any time with minimal effort. CIP or COP cleaning systems (wet cleaning) of the DCS (Daxner container systems) minimizes cleaning durations as well as cleaning effort and maximizes plant availability. Due to avoiding cross-contamination, we achieve utmost product quality and safety.

    You are always one step ahead with our easy-to-clean and sturdy container systems. Daxner Container DCHD are designed with due regard to precision and hygienic design while our fully automated collection system Daxner Container System DCS ensure a high throughput and allergen-free handling of your components.

    Product and batch changes can be carried out at any time with minimal effort, thus meeting the enormous variety of raw materials and recipes in many productions. CIP or COP cleaning systems (wet cleaning) of the Daxner Container Systems minimize the cleaning time as well as the cleaning effort and thus maximize the plant availability.

    Automatic 3D-transport system; An automated storage and retrieval system for containers combined with a sophisticated shuttle-system conveys the IBCs in hygienic design fully automated to all collecting points of the components, subsequently to the mixing line discharge station.

    With the newly developed DM 30 EC, Daxner presents an all-in-one screening machine with a metering unit in hygienic design for easy cleanability (EC: easy clean).
    An integrated dosing unit conveys and doses the raw product into the interior of the machine, where the fine material is simultaneously separated from the coarse material in the screening unit.
    By means of an ergonomic pull-out device, the screening and metering unit can be pulled out and swiveled for inspection without any effort. Due to the good accessibility, a precise inspection, a possibly necessary replacement of the screen basket as well as a quick cleaning is easily possible.

    Benefit from a personal consulting conversation – We are looking forward to welcome you:
    Hall 10.1, Booth D061/D069.

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