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    food Marketing & Technology is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the food industry.

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    Norevo Quick Gloss DF:

    A Revolutionary Glazing Agent for Chocolate Sweets

    Norevo introduces "Norevo Quick Gloss DF", the reliable glazing agent for chocolate coated goods with stable gloss results, low dosage requirement, fast drying time, and suitable for soft chocolate and compound surfaces.


    Producing a glossy and attractive finish on chocolate coated goods has always been a challenging task for confectioners. Norevo Quick Gloss DF is the perfect solution to achieve reliable and stable gloss results, even in difficult production conditions or for inexperienced producers. 

    The key feature of Quick Gloss DF is its low dosage requirement, making it a cost-effective solution. Additionally, the fast drying time of Quick Gloss DF allows for more efficient production processes, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. 

    Quick Gloss DF is also suitable for use on soft chocolate and compound surfaces, making it a versatile solution for a range of products. The product is particularly declaration-friendly, meeting the demand for natural ingredients and clean labeling. 

    “We are excited to introduce Quick Gloss DF to the market,” said Thomas Marten-Oltrogge, Division Manager Confectionery Performers at Norevo GmbH. “This product is the result of years of research and development, and we are confident that it will be a game-changer for chocolate producers. With its reliable gloss results, low dosage, fast drying time, and declaration-friendly formulation, Quick Gloss DF is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve the quality of their chocolate products.” 

    Quick Gloss DF is now available for purchase worldwide. For more information, please contact the sales team directly: contact@norevo.de or visit our website www.norevo.de 

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