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    Clean stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces perfectly

    Fronius MagicCleaner
  • The new generation of the Fronius MagicCleaner series is now available in two sizes. These electrochemical cleaning devices deliver the perfect finish on stainless steel – both for TIG welds and in surface cleaning. They also make it possible to polish welds to a lustrous finish and permanently print logos and serial numbers on workpieces.

    Striking temper colours in TIG welds spoil the appearance of workpieces and are completely undesirable in the food and pharmaceutical industries as they can be a point where corrosion starts to develop or deposits build up.
    That is why the protective oxide layer of the stainless steel that is destroyed during welding is restored by cleaning and passivation. With the MagicCleaner, these two steps can even be carried out in just one working step, saving time.

    Precise and economical cleaning
    The electrolyte is dispensed precisely and reaches the exact points where it is needed. This ensures optimal cleaning with minimal use of materials. Electrochemical cleaning is a more resource-conserving method than pickling in chemical baths, and does not corrode the material, as is the case with sandblasting.

    Polishing and labelling too
    Welds in high-gloss polished materials should really shine – this is achieved with the ‘electrochemical polishing’ function. But the MagicCleaner is capable of even more: company logos, serial numbers and barcodes can be applied using black or white printing. This is an excellent and cost-saving alternative to the methods of embossing, marking and affixing labels.

    MagicCleaner in two handy sizes
    Weighing in at just 4.5 kg and with an output of 15 A, the MagicCleaner 150 is the ideal mobile companion on building sites. The MagicCleaner 300, with an output of 30 A and weighing 14 kg, is recommended for more intensive applications and for cleaning longer TIG welds. Both devices are intuitive to use and supply electrolyte to the cleaning pad. This is very handy because there is no need for laborious dipping in an additional container.

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