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    food Marketing & Technology is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the food industry.

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    Little ones but fussy. Discover what benefits HPP adds to its food.

    On February 24th, Hiperbaric, the global leader of High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for the food and beverage industry, will organize a free webinar title ‘Little Human, Big Appetite: HPP offers fresh, safe and healthy baby food products’. If you want to know what benefits this technology adds to baby food, don’t miss it!


    It has great significance that children need to eat healthy food, obtaining the right nutrients necessary for their growth and development. Parents know this and in their everyday shopping they look for high-quality and minimally processed food. They also look for products that maintain the initial organoleptic properties, but with extended shelf-life. They do not want to renounce anything and look for a product that meets their busy lifestyle. HPP technology meets all these requirements.
    High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is a non-thermal food preservation technology that can be applied in a lot of products including baby food, its advantages are:
    • Minimal Processing and Extended Shelf-life products
    High hydrostatic pressure allows to prepare products like the ones made at home with a shelf-life between 2 and 8 times longer, without chemical preservatives. The result are tastier, healthier and like fresh homemade products.
    • Healthy, Easy and Quick meals
    HPP baby food are convenient, healthy and ready-to-eat products. The range of packaging to use is wide, including microwaveable or completely adapted to each stage of growth.
    • Guarantee of Food Safety and Nutritional Excellence
    HPP preserves nutritional and bioactive components in food. At the same time, it prevents spoilage and avoids food poisoning and food-borne diseases as listeriosis and salmonellosis.
    Hiperbaric, the global leader of HPP technology, invite you to register for its last free webinar ‘Little Human, Big Appetite: HPP offers fresh, safe and healthy baby food products’ to discover the contribution of HPP to baby food in terms of food safety, healthy and shelf-life extension. Also, you will know what has been the evolution and the decisions of the market, as well as, the success stories of Mia & Ben, UK-based HPP baby food manufacturer and Lil’gourmets, US-based HPP baby food manufacturer.
    The webinar have organized for next February 24 and that will take place at 4PM London (UK) | 11AM EST (USA). Don’t miss the opportunity and register here.

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