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    Marcel and Tomra

    Marcel and Tomra food launch strategic partnership to bring new technologies to the €1,200bn global poultry, meat and fish market

  • Marel and TOMRA Food have formed a strategic partnership with the ambition of bringing new sensor-based sorting and processing technologies to optimize value, reduce waste and increase food safety in the global poultry, meat and fish industry.

    As part of the long-term alliance, the partners will collaborate on sales and research and development to optimize existing offerings and develop innovative new solutions for the market. The partners will also access each other´s distribution and sales networks and develop commercial prospects throughout the supply chain.

    Announcing the strategic partnership, Marel CEO, Árni Oddur Thórdarson, said: “This is an important partnership between two innovative industry leaders. We both envision a world where high-quality food is produced sustainably and affordably. Marel has an excellent track record of technological innovations in food safety, traceability, process control, efficiency and yield, combined with our overarching Innova food processing software. Marel is the leader in sensor technology for the poultry, meat and fish industry. Through this partnership we are advancing to the next phase in sensor-based solutions for our customers. With TOMRA operating across many food categories, working together can bring improved systems and technologies to the food industry.”

    TOMRA president and CEO, Stefan Ranstrand, said: “TOMRA and Marel have a very similar history, mindset and culture which makes this a natural business alliance. TOMRA Food’s portfolio of sorting and grading solutions is the broadest in the industry, and most leading food brands use our technology globally. We believe innovations from the partnership will benefit the wider industry and environment, by optimizing processes, reducing cost and minimizing food loss. This is an exciting partnership to embark on with Marel.”

    As a first step of the partnership, Marel will become a sales channel for TOMRA’s QVision fat, protein and collagen analyser. In 12 months’ time Marel will become the system’s exclusive business partner integrating QVision into Marel´s full line offering.

    For more information on Marel visit www.marel.com and for more on TOMRA Food visit www.tomra.com/sorting/food

    Caption: Marel CEO, Árni Oddur Thórdarson and TOMRA president and CEO, Stefan Ranstrand
    (Image: TOMRA Food)

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