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    food Marketing & Technology is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the food industry.

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    Good Mills Innovation

    VITATEX® Range for easy processing and authentic texture

    Political tensions, energy supply issues and raw material availability - these are just some of the current issues that are concerning consumers and changing trends in the food industry, as the global cost of living crisis continues to bite.

  • As a result, brands need to act flexibly and be open to engaging with consumers, while taking full advantage of rapidly evolving technological opportunities. Those are the findings of Innova Market Insights’ new Top Ten Trends for 2023 report.
    Although value for money plays a significant role, consumers still want products that promise great taste and texture – especially when it comes to meat-free offerings.

    The ideal is to replicate the original product in such a way that no major differences in texture can be perceived. This is referred to as “meat mimicking” – the art of replicating bite and mouthfeel for an authentic taste experience. Processors must therefore pay close attention to the fibrosity and other sensory characteristics of the plant-based ingredients they select, no matter what the desired product concept.

    GoodMills Innovation, as an expert in texturates, has long been involved in the production of plant-based proteins. The company has developed a hassle-free solution that allows food manufacturers to overcome texture issues with ease. The VITATEX® range consists of easy-to-process texturates in various shapes and sizes, and is based on pea, soy and wheat. VITATEX® can be successfully used as a meat substitute in countless types of conventional pork, beef, poultry and fish-based applications. The alternatives impress with their authenticity in texture and make plant-based nutrition a real treat.

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