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    journal of hp tooling ist eine englischsprachige, internationale Fachzeitschrift für alle Aspekte hochpräziser Bearbeitungsprozesse, deren Zubehör und Anwendungen.


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    EMO Milano 2021

    Taiwan’s Smart Machinery Showcases the Latest Smart Solutions at EMO Milano 2021

    Taiwan, ranked as the world’s 9th-largest manufacturing nations, is one of the major producers in the machine tool industry with about 1,950 companies located on the island and over 43,000 people are employed in the sector.
    Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on various industries globally, Taiwan's machine tool industry built a steady foundation. Combined with the transformation of smart manufacturing and the interconnection of upstream and downstream resources, the industry occupies an important position in the relevant global industrial chain.


    In response to emerging global trends, Taiwan Excellence, hosted by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, invited five Taiwan Excellence representatives of machine tool manufacturers, namely Tongtai Machine, Fair Friend Enterprise(FFG), Buffalo Machinery(AXILE), L&L Machinery, and HIWIN Technologies, to demonstrate their intelligent manufacturing solutions during the event “EMO Milano 2021,” an international fair for machine tools that is visited by the world’s major precision machinery buyers. This year, a total of 47 Taiwanese manufacturers have signed up to attend the physical exhibition of EMO Milano 2021 including HIWIN, AXILE and FFG.

    Mr. Yung-Hsiang Lai, director of smart machinery promotion office, stated in the introduction that Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced the importance of Smart Manufacturing. The concept of Intelligence and automation is now the trend. Taiwan, the world’s 5th-largest machine tool exporter, has the ability to provide smart total solutions to the world with its solid foundation of IoT, AI, and big data technologies. Besides, Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers have the mobility and flexibility to produce high precision, high-tech, high value-added products at a reasonable price to meet the needs of global buyers. In the post-pandemic era, Taiwan still continues its journey in industry 4.0.

    In the main section of the webinar, Taiwan Excellence Awarding-winning enterprises introduced their latest smart solutions and technologies:

    Tongtai, a leading Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer and well-known turn key solution provider, presented its automation solution for single machines to showcase the trend of smart manufacturing. With Tongtai’s total solution, customers are able to use machines to work with various loading and unloading equipment and different types of accessories to optimize productivity. The services include a robot arm with a 3D visual system, two loading methods, real-time quality inspection, a manufacturing schedule function and machine networking.

    FFG, the third-largest machinery tool group in the world, shared its AI Swing-Head 5 Axis Machining Center UB-660. This machine is capable of large-scale and high-precision machining and focuses on “practicability” and “artificial intelligence (AI).” In addition, through component detection and AI maintenance, the need for personnel inspections can be reduced and management efficiency improved.

    AXILE presented its digitized intelligent automation, which consists of a range of innovative, automatic pallet-changing solutions and flexible manufacturing systems, supported by the proprietary SMT™ and ART™ technologies. Digitized intelligent automation solutions enable machinists to embrace smart manufacturing to increase operational efficiency and productivity, optimize energy and staffing costs, and achieve unmanned 24/7 production. The machines AXILE G6 MPC & G8, both presented at EMO, support these new technologies.

    L&L introduced its LLS-M heavy-duty smart multi-axis complex machine, which is equipped with “ALL PROCESSES IN ONE MACHINE.” It was developed to compound the processing of huge workpieces with excellent transmission efficiency and stable processing. It also achieves excellent processing accuracy in a long-term high-speed operation.

    HIWIN showcased its intelligent 4.0 ball screw. The ball screw is a key component of precision machines. HIWIN i4.0 BS® (intelligent 4.0 ball screw) is the first ball screw with the spirit of Industry 4.0 and is able to connect machines in different kinds of machine applications. Besides that visitors were able to touch HIWIN’s Direct Drive Torque Motor Rotary Table for Machine Tool industry plus the innovations, including the new range of 5 and 10 kg LU series SCARA robots and 5 and 10 kg GC series articulated robots.

    If you want to know more about the Latest Smart Solutions from Taiwan’s Smart Machinery watch the webinar at …





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