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    journal of hp-tooling

    journal of hp tooling ist eine englischsprachige, internationale Fachzeitschrift für alle Aspekte hochpräziser Bearbeitungsprozesse, deren Zubehör und Anwendungen.


    Diese Fachzeitschrift wird als E-Paper mit interaktiven Inhalten angeboten.

    Aktuelle Ausgabe
    High-performance products from Taiwan‘s metalworking industry

    Smart and successful

    The who‘s who of the metalworking industry met at AMB. This year, Taiwan Excellence was there to present Taiwan‘s ambitious and smart industry to the trade audience.


    As the world’s 5th largest exporter of machine tools and components, Taiwan has averaged US$ 4 billion in exports for each of the last few years from a network of more than 1,000 precision machinery manufacturers and 10,000-plus upstream suppliers. Although the global economy suffers from various crises, Taiwan’s machinery industry saw its annual production rise to a record-setting US$ 2.783 billion in 2021, an increase of 29.1 % over 2020. Among these exports, metal-cutting machine tools accounted for US$ 2.304 billion, an increase of 29.2 %, and the export value of metal-forming machine tools was US$ 479 million, an increase of 29 %.

    “The secret is the Greater Taichung area, home to the world’s only machine tool and component industry cluster, which enables global companies to meet all their needs in one convenient location”, emphasized Mr. Ching-Yun, Huang, the director of Economic Division, Frankfurt/M Office, Taipei representative office in the Federal Republic of Germany in his welcome remarks at the press conference at AMB 2022.

    Taiwan Excellence presented three manufacturers, that meet the burgeoning demand for Industry 4.0 and automation – the best made in Taiwan:

    Nicolas Budrino, sales & marketing manager in Europe, explained how his company AXILE aims to help manufacturers implement fully automated production lines, avoid unannounced shutdowns, and transform into smart factories. AXILE 5-axis machines are integrated with digitalized intelligent monitoring technology and automation to achieve 24/7 autonomous production without unplanned downtimes.

    Giovanni Yueh, sales manager at Yeong Chin Machinery (YCM), spoke about the company’s rich history, specializing in smart machine tool manufacturing through “lean” thinking. YCM machine tools have been recognized worldwide for superior precision, outstanding rigidity, and exceptional reliability.

    Joseph Chen, executive vice president at Honor Seiki, talked about the company’s key products including CNC vertical lathes, vertical turning centers, high-speed drilling centers, vertical grinding centers and machining lines for aerospace and automobile industries.

    All Speakers pointed out that Taiwanese machine tool industry has long proven to be reliable, accurate, and economical and are thus the best option for manufacturers worldwide. Taiwan Excellence helps companies to remain competitive.



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