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    The journal of hp tooling is the brand-new global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.

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    Cylindrical/Non-Circular grinding: Processes, Developments, Results

    17th Grinding Conference

  • Tyrolit
  • The 17th Grinding Conference takes place on 28th and 29th January 2020 in Stuttgart-Fellbach – with  simultaneous German-English translation. With a record of 170 participants, the “Schleiftagung” 2019 in Stuttgart-Fellbach (Germany) underlined its reputation as an important industry meeting place. In its 17 years of existence, the symposium has developed into one of the leading information and discussion platforms for grinding experts, industry insiders and people striving to become such. Participants appreciate the practical and future- oriented presentations as well as the good networking opportunities at the event. “I would recommend the conference to anyone who deals with the subject of grinding and supervises or practices grinding in their processes. You can take away many helpful tips and suggestions and socialize, says Michael Krigar, SMS Maschinenbau GmbH. Participant Dominique Walter, 3M Winterthur Technologie France, declares the event “A unique place to get the last feedback and contacts for the application research.”

    What’s new?
    What challenges and innovations occupy the experts? This upcoming Grinding Conference offers an opportunity to get to know the processes, innovations and results of grinding technology and to discuss them with leading experts from industry and application research, with manufacturers and users. Grinding technology plays a key role as a machining process at the end of a long and expensive process chain in the manufacture of precise components with high surface finishes. The symposium aims to be a meeting place – also for the growing number of international participants. Therefore, after the positive experiences of 2019, the lectures will again be offered with simultaneous German-English translation. Otherwise, nothing will change in the successful concept of the still German-speaking event.


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