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    World’s leading trade fair for grinding technology continues to grow despite difficult framework conditions

    GrindTec 2020

    Grindtec 2020

    The ongoing trade crisis with the USA, the automobile market shrinking worldwide for the first time and the difficult transformation process to E-mobility taking place in this country. And yet: The AFAG GrindTec organizers currently have 600 registrations, a moderate increase in comparison to the 578 participating companies in December 2017. The occupied area has increased all the more, however. On an area of 46,500 m2 the GrindTec will present more exhibits than ever before. The number of nations participating has also increased – companies from 32 countries (29 in 2018) – present status – will present their innovations in Augsburg. The proportion of foreign exhibitors totals 44%.

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  • GrindTec 2020: Asian companies continue to gain ground
    The trend continues: In 2020, too, the number of companies from China, Korea, Japan or India will continue to grow. Today, three months before the start of the trade fair, there are already more Asian grinding technology companies registered than in the GrindTec 2018. The area occupied by them will increase by at least a quarter. Every third foreign exhibitor comes from Asia; in 2018 it was only every fourth. There are no surprises with the other strong exhibitor nations of Switzerland and Italy. Switzerland, traditionally the strongest foreign country with currently 62 participating companies, is in second place after Germany, followed by China (59) and Italy (42).

    GrindTec 2020: Grinding technology positions itself with exciting trends
    An encouraging sign is thus set by the international grinding technology, which continues to show great interest in the German market and further pins its hopes the GrindTec. Even though harsher winds are blowingbecause grinding technology is closely interwoven with the automobile and engineering branch.

    Trade conflicts as well as sanctions from major nations are currently having a negative effect on the global economy and as a result also on the branch. Added to this are political uncertainties and structural changes in the automobile industry.

    Thus in the third quarter of 2019, incoming orders decreased in Germany by about a quarter. Foreign trade, which is extremely important for an exporting country like Germany, is less affected. Seen globally, experts reckon here with a decrease of only 4 per cent for the year 2020.

    Despite all uncertainties the market is still strong! Measured against the product value of machine tools in Germany, the machine group of grinding, honing, lapping and polishing machinesmakes up more than 13% of all cutting and filing machine tools. In addition to this is the turnover through the production of grinding tools and abrasives, which in Germany with more than a billion euros is just as high as that of the German grinding, honing, lapping and polishing machines.

    Thus also a good reason for the branch to counter the current economic situation with innovations, trend-setting methods and advanced technologies, and to present itself at the GrindTec at the usual high technical and technological level.

    High-tech products on everything to do with the production and reprocessing of cutting tools are opening up new perspectives for tool grinding. Here the branch has its sights set firmly on competitive methods such as additive manufacturing, electrochemical polishing methods and laser processing of hard materials, whilst at the same time offering the market highly functional solutions for tried and tested processes.

    Amongst other things visitors to the GrindTec can expect: additive manufactured grinding discs, grinding discs with integrated sensor technology, additive manufactured flow-optimised cooling lubricant nozzles, hybrid grinding machine concepts that also integrate other manufacturing technologies, direct drives in the grinding machine shafts to improve dynamic stiffness and precision as well as improving performance, to name just a few examples.

    Digitalisation, networking and automation form the basis for companies wanting to be successful on the world market. The manufacturers of machines and periphery systems as well as process and tool technology also supply answers at the GrindTec to the new demands made of tool grinding.

    Providing added value in production technology at different places in the world at the same time is only possible with a modern network economy. New business models will thus arise that have economic potential. Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality will here help both the supplier and the user, or customer, to simplify the daily work routine. Here numerous inspirations will likewise be found at the GrindTec.


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