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    The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.


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    In focus: the future of grinding technology

    GrindTec 2022 takes off


    GrindTec organizer AFAG and technical sponsor FDPW had invited to the concept presentation of GrindTec 2022. The new GrindTec concept “By doers for doers!” (www.grindtec.de) convinced many participants immediately. Joachim Kalsdorf, project manager of GrindTec for many years, also shares this view: “In the three weeks following our publication, we received more than 50 registrations, including numerous companies that will be at GrindTec for the first time.“

    To date, 250 participating companies from twenty countries have already registered for the leading trade fair for chipping and cutting precision tools with a total of more than 1,200 product nominations. If you compare these with the range of last GrindTec, you will not notice any significant differences. As in 2018, the segment of grinding, polishing and honing equipment is in the lead with over 300 nominations, followed by tool machining systems including various grinding machines with 250 nominations. Dressing tools, blanks, raw materials and carbide rods follow in third place (180 nominations). This already provides a solid basis for the industry’s expert meeting.

    For 2022, the organizers of GrindTec aim to focus even more on the future in the application. GrindTec is to open up new perspectives even more than before, to network and communicate even more and thus to rise to become the most important platform for knowledge transfer in the industry.

    In doing so, AFAG and FDPW are relying on such proven facilities as the GrindTec FORUM, but also new special topics such as a process chain presentation. Grinding technology 4.0 and a start-up platform will supplement the comprehensive range of trade fair offerings in the future.



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