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    GrindTec FACTORY focuses on a process chain

    You can’t get any closer

    The anticipation for the long-missed live event is enormous: around 300 exhibitors from 22 nations are looking forward to presenting their innovations at GrindTec 2022.


    In GrindTec FACTORY trade fair visitors can experience the entire grinding process chain close up. In hall 7 seven companies will be producing in a digitally network on 500 m2, providing insights into the manufacturing of tomorrow.

    This special show has been jointly conceived by the FDPW and the GrindTec organiser AFAG, always with the requirements of the trade in mind. The FACTORY is not only about machine and tool, but also about data preparation, design, cutting edge preparation or even measuring. The innovative concept of the GrindTec Factory is that it shows how both mechanical and digital interfaces to other technologies function.

    In hall 7, well-established companies from this industry work together with young innovative companies. Members of the supply chain are ISBE Softwaretechnik, the machine manufacturer Haas, the clamping device specialist GDS Präzision, the cutting edge preparation company ToolPrep, the company MOC Danner, which has specialized in cleaning tools, the measuring technology company Zoller and the marking professionals from ACI Laser. “The GrindTec Factory is proof of how practical and oriented to the actual needs of the grinders the GrindTec is. After all, as the trade sponsor of the trade fair and trade association, we are in contact with our members on a daily basis: it is therefore also a performance show by grinders for grinders”, emphasises FDPW managing director Wilfried Saxler.


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