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    The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.


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    CHIRON Group OPEN HOUSE 2022

    From May 11 to 13, 2022, the CHIRON Group warmly invites to the renowned, highly popular event for the whole industry – the «OPEN HOUSE» in Tuttlingen, Germany. Visitors can finally see numerous machining innovations live in action and get valuable information on products and solutions for automated, future-proof and sustainable production.


    A real, in-person handshake to welcome you, personal conversations and individual advice: at the CHIRON Group OPEN HOUSE 2022, everything is possible again. And, just as long missed: the opportunity to see machining innovations live in action. For example, the two efficiency boosters DZ 25 P five-axis and DZ 28 P five-axis for automotive and aerospace, or the Micro5 for micromachining the smart way. Further highlights of this year’s event include intelligent solutions with additive manufacturing, and the new CHIRON 715 series for multi-functional complete machining, presented via augmented reality. Other future-focused topics for discussion between the visitors and experts include automation, services, refurbishment and future-focused cooperation with process partners.

    Competent, smart, innovative, sustainable: these are four pillars that the CHIRON Group would love you to experience and explore at the OPEN HOUSE, with the five strong brands CHIRON, STAMA, CMS, FACTORY5 and GREIDENWEIS, each highlighting their specific expertise for optimized productivity with a lower CO2 footprint. New impulses for the manufacturing practice are also provided by 29 competence partners for process expertise with their products and services and the lecture program with the three theme days competent & smart, innovative and sustainable.


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