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    journal of hp-tooling

    The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.


    This magazine is offered as an e-paper with interactive content.

    latest issue

    AMB premiere for the smart chuck jaw “iJaw” from Röhm

    From now on clamping is smart: Röhm, the clamping and gripping specialist based in Germany, is presenting its world premiere iJaw at AMB in Stuttgart.


    It is the first chuck jaw ever to be equipped with sensor technology and wireless data transmission. It allows the clamping force to be measured in real-time directly during machining. Data is transmitted to a gateway via the industry standard IO-link wireless.

    Great news: OEMs (the original equipment manufacturers) can now integrate a smart chuck jaw into their machines and PLC controllers displaying clamping forces on their HMI (human machine interface) displays.iJaw development partner DMG Mori is very enthusiastic about the functionalities that its machine tools can now be configured with iJaw. Other partners, such as WFL Millturn, Mazak, and Emco were also presenting machines with iJaw applications at the AMB in Stuttgart.

    Existing inventory can also be updated to smarter clamping with a retrofit «On-Premises» interface and display independent of the machine’s electronics. This after market iJaw upgrade is also available for most non-Röhm quick change jaw chucks.

    Revolution in metalworking

    “With iJaw we are effectively revolutionizing the manufacturing process in metalworking. This is because real-time measurement of the clamping force during the machining process provides the user with a whole range of benefits. This starts with higher machine availability because setup times can be reduced and machining processes accelerated. This reduces part costs on the one hand, while part quality increases on the other. This is pure process optimization and a real milestone in the digitalization of manufacturing. Overall sensor-controlled workpiece machining is, of course, much safer than conventional manual clamping by feel,” says Gerhard Glanz, CEO of Röhm GmbH.


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