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    The production of modern-age pet food is extensively based on scientific and technological insights often not visible at a first glance

    Interzoo: World-leading Trade Fair, Platform for Professional Inspiration and Sustainability Forum

    Before a bag of dry pellets, a can of wet food or a packet of pet treats finds its way into retail, it is subjected to an array of in-depth tests and samples aimed at cementing its quality in terms of healthiness, palatability, visual appeal and a range of other criteria. Much of the skill and know-how pet food technology companies possess is shown at Interzoo, the world’s leading trade fair for pet supplies.

  • To date, about 100 companies from the pet food technology segment, predominantly from Germany, The Netherlands and Turkey, have registered for Interzoo 2021. These exhibitors work in the fields of processing and packaging technology, engineering, dietary supplements, pet food palatability, sustainable product solutions and other areas related to modern pet food technology. At Interzoo 2021, scheduled for 1 to 4 June in Nuremberg, Germany, international trade visitors will once more acquaint themselves with the latest industry trends and solutions.

    Great spectrum of industrial representation

    “In past decades, pet food processing has performed giant strides in terms of technological and scientific advancement. The range of products on offer and, more notably, the way in which they are processed has developed greatly,”observes Dr Rowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions at the Interzoo organizer WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH). “We sometimes tend to underestimate the amount of research, entrepreneurial intelligence and technical excellence invested into manufacturing this product.”

    Tens of millions of pets worldwide are the ultimate beneficiaries of the technology and products displayed at Interzoo. The great diversity of industrial segments represented in Nuremberg is quite extraordinary even for experienced trade fair attendees. In spite of the fact that consumer goods represent the greater portion of products on display at Interzoo, visitors at the world’s most important trade fair for pet care products justly expect that it portrays the entire bandwidth of products and services the industry offers.

    Everyone at Interzoo benefits from the multidimensional nature of this world-class event: Trade visitors who sell pet food do not only get the opportunity to meet with the people from whom they buy their stock. They can also meet the engineers whose daily job it is to design and build the food manufacturing or packaging machinery. The engineers, in turn, have the chance to get to know the representatives of the companies that buy their high-tech machines, namely the food-producing corporations. The variety of representation by technology-focused exhibitors at a specialist fair bears significant benefits not only for visitors, but for the industry at large as it enhances competitiveness, rewards inventive talent and offers key players of the industry the opportunity to exchange views and talk about their respective professional experiences.

    “Interzoo provides splendid opportunities to mix and mingle with like-minded people with a vast array of aptitudes and knowledge from all corners of the world,” states Katharina Engling, chairwoman of the Interzoo Advisory Committee. “We are glad to see that Interzoo continues to develop into a point of contact for talents with new ideas in the field of pet food technology.”

    Sustainability as a commitment to future generations

    In order to promote the discourse amongst industry professionals, Interzoo organizer WZF has created a conference programme addressing the most topical issues. The subject of sustainability ranks high on the agenda of Interzoo: In 2018, the first sustainability conference held during the trade fair proved highly successful. Attendees at Interzoo 2021 can once again expect to benefit from the abundance of expert knowledge shared at the second sustainability conference. “Sustainability has steadily gained importance for our sector,” says Dr Rowena Arzt. “Producers of pet supplies stated in our latest research that they see clearly a need for the industry to work more on sustainable solutions. They also indicated that the main driver for further development in this field is the customers´ demand for sustainable products.” The pet care sector, well aware of the consumers’ growing sensitivities in terms of ecological consideration on the side of the industry, is searching for more sustainable solutions in the manufacturing and packaging processes guaranteeing at the same time quality and safety of the product. “At Interzoo, we see ourselves as facilitators of a discourse amongst industry professionals whom we want to provide with a forum to exchange views, offer advice and share knowledge. All of this will ultimately benefit the pet care trade as much as the environment.”
    Based on the first Interzoo Sustainability Study in 2018, WZF and the Sustainable Transformation Lab at the Antwerp Management School (AMS) continued to work on a joint research project. Upon interviewing industry experts in depth on crucial aspects of sustainability, the findings will be turned into a guide book which includes examples of best practices from the industry. The qualitative evaluation was based on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). The results of this research will be published in autumnby the end of this year.


    Photo1: ©Shutterstock SatawatK

    Photo2: Dr. Rowena Arzt

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