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    The joy of eating. When pet food is more than a meal.

    Pets have long ceased to be just that. Nowadays we treat them as a member of the family. Therefore, we are concerned, as never before, about them having a good diet. Pets eating well means that they will be healthy, which makes them, and us, happy. HPP is the solution that pet food companies have found and Hiperbaric shows you why.

  • A change in mentality

    Not so many years ago, pets lived in garages or gardens and ate leftovers or cheap food. The quality and nutritional value of pet food were not a priority for their owners.

    These days, we seek the same quality of life for them and us. This is due to seeing them as a member of the family and all benefits that they provide us with their companionship. Pets reduce stress and anxiety in their owners and add fun to life without asking anything in return.

    People are thankful for the help, comfort and sweet companion that their friends offer them. For the first time, pet owners have in mind the personality of their friends when buying pet food. A lot of them have found in HPP a solution for a natural and healthy meal that they really enjoy.

    HPP technology, the solution for a natural and healthy meal

    High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a non-thermal preservation technology that meets the high-standard requirements of both consumers and manufacturers of the pet food industry: premium quality, clean label, safety, and extended shelf-life.

    HPP pet foods have earned the trust and acceptance of pet owners and pets, making pet food companies more confident in switching to HPP. Well known brands, such as Steve’s Real Food, Petkis and Kiwi Kitchens, have seen what HPP can bring them:

    • HPP eliminates harmful and spoilage microorganisms by holding the products under high hydrostatic pressure, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical preservatives.
    • It preserves the fresh attributes of the products, such as flavor and nutritional content, for several weeks up to a few months under refrigeration.
    • Its versatility allows food companies to process everything: meat, fish or vegetables. With the same machine, they meet the needs for pet food nutrition and provide multiple product alternatives.
    • The safety and shelf-life extension achieved with HPP allow companies to confidently distribute their products and reach out to pets across the world, without risking the health of pet or pet owner or massive recalls.

    If you want to know more about HPP, contact Hiperbaric, the world’s leading company specialized in industrial equipment for High Pressure Technologies. On their website you will find interesting blog articles and whitepapers, receive their newsletter with the latest news or watch webinars about HPP technology.


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