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    Creating the canned food packaging line of the future for sustainable packaging to the market

    During this round table we will debate with Corné Huijben, Manager Knowledge Development & Projects NVC Netherlands Packaging Center and the Smart Packaging Hub members on: predictive maintenance and securing product quality and sustainability will be discussed and supported by business cases.

  • We know, we have to be ethical and from the market there is an high request from all machine builders but also from end users, to use eco-sustainable materials.
    An example we would like to highlight during this round table is for instance paper-cans or recyclables-cans which have to be produced with high efficiency production lines.
    With George Ostroom, CEO Cooros as testimonial will elaborate how also for secondary packaging sustainability and recyclability is a key point. Director George Oostrom realised that plastic wrap packaging for multipacks of cans and jars was losing favour with end customers and retailers alike, so he investigated the possibility of using solid-board packaging instead.
    Sustainability is not just about materials, it can also be addressed by machines that offer superior overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), especially technology that is designed and fine tuned to the specific needs of an application. Clean designs and machine flexibility all contribute to OEE.
    Canned food is one of the fastest growing macro-sectors. It encloses several sub-markets and billions and billions of cans are processed every year to meet the growing demands of the market.
    In such a huge market, producers are increasingly looking for applications and packaging solutions that can save them time and money while maintaining the quality of the package.
    In order to meet this demand we will present you the latest solutions that have been applied on several lines around the world and that have brought savings in raw materials, energy, time and space in production.
    In order to meet the request of an increasingly demanding market, better performance is needed. The Lean logic helps us with the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) construction philosophy, a system that leads to an evolution of the meaning of the term maintenance, from an initial vision of an unavoidable cost center, to an increasingly strategic role in function of the production objectives to be achieved.
    Last but not least the request of green friendly applications is increasing a lot in the labelling field too with an eye always focused on high quality standards and production needs, without affecting costs we will showcase solutions also on this reference
    Register now : https://smartpackaginghub.com/webinar/5

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