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    Quality control in pet food processing

    Digital solution with signalling function in the VF 800 vacuum filler ensures quality standards in processing

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  • The VF 800 vacuum filler generation from Handtmann offers a wide range of solutions for quality control and ensuring quality standards in pet food processing. With the “Handtmann Monitoring Function”, the VF 800 monitors the situation in the feed system on the basis of pressure, temperature, vacuum and drive load and reports potential causes of impaired quality in good time via the control system of the VF 800 and the optionally available warning lights.


    The “Handtmann Monitoring Function (HMF)” is a very practical solution whose basic function is the automatic parameter monitoring in the production process. Rejects are often only discovered after completion of a product. The delay between filling process and quality control may also result in a large and correspondingly expensive quantity of rejects. The Handtmann Monitoring Function effectively helps to avoid such rejects as it signals already during production if quality-relevant production parameters are undercut or exceeded. The warning is clearly and precisely indicated on the screen of the monitor control. If, for example, the filling product temperature were 3.5 °C although a filling product temperature of 2.5 °C was set, the machine would issue a warning. Now the operator is given the flexibility to decide that production should continue by actively confirming the “excessively low temperature” or to stop the process and take corrective action. If no action is taken, the machine will stop automatically after 30 seconds. In addition to issuing the message via the monitor control, an optional signal light can be used on the VF 800 vacuum filler. In case of deviations from the defined upper and lower limits of the production parameters, the signal light lights up orange and thus warns the operator of the current status. If no action is taken in time, the machine stops automatically and the signal light indicates the machine stop in red. This solution effectively supports meat processing operations in terms of quality control and reproducibility of quality standards in processing.

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