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    Hiperbaric Partners with UNL Food Processing Center to Host Raw Pet Food Workshop

    Latest Innovations in HPP, Freeze Drying, Pet Food Processing Trends, Microbial Food Safety, Raw Meat Processing, Packaging and Recipe Development, Among Topics Discussed

  • Hiperbaric, the global leader in High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, has partnered with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, to host the “High Pressure Processing and Freeze Drying of Raw Pet Foods and Treats Workshop”, March 15-16, at the Nebraska Innovation Campus, Food Innovation Center.

    HPP is often used in raw and freeze-dried pet food because it allows manufacturers to create safe raw pet food by controlling pathogens prevalent in raw meats and fresh produce like Salmonella and Listeria.

    After HPP, many raw pet food products undergo freeze-drying, a process by which water is removed from a food product by sublimation. The goal in freeze drying is to reduce the water activity of the pet food product to a level that does not support microbial growth and minimizes chemical changes and physical deterioration, even when the product is stored at room temperatures for 6 months to 2 years.

    The introductory and hands-on workshop will provide participants an opportunity to interact with industry experts and university researchers and learn about HPP, freeze drying, water activity, product shelf-life, food safety regulations, market trends and best practices. The workshop combines lectures, pilot plant demonstrations, and visits to HPP and freeze-drying co-manufacturing facilities near Lincoln, Nebraska.

    The workshop is geared towards product developers who want to learn more about best practices of using HPP and freeze-drying technology in pet food manufacturing, or food industry professionals with the goal of expanding their HPP and freeze drying knowledge base.

    The two-day raw pet food workshop will focus on the following topics:

    • Pet Food Processing: Trends and Innovations
    • HPP Equipment, Operation and Process Variables
    • Freeze Drying Equipment, Operation and Process Variables
    • Microbial Food Safety, Validation and Product Shelf-Life Extension
    • Packaging Considerations with HPP and Freeze Dried Pet Foods
    • Working with Co-Manufacturers in Recipe Development, Raw Meat Processing, High Pressure Processing, Freeze-Drying and Packaging Solutions

    Participating companies include UNL Food Processing Center, Hiperbaric, Parker Freeze Dry, CRB Group, Petsource by Scoular, AQUALAB, and Universal Pure.

    The workshop fee is $450 per person, which includes a digital badge for workshop completion, access to the workshop materials for up to six months after conclusion, meals and break refreshments, campus parking, and participation in the Networking Social. Due to the hands-on activities and demonstrations in the pilot plant, seats in the workshop are limited, and early registration is encouraged.

    Roberto Peregrina, Hiperbaric USA Director, said, “We’re excited to be collaborating with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and bring together leading pet food processing experts to discuss the latest advances in HPP and freeze drying. We expect the raw pet food segment to continue growing and HPP is the key to meet safety and nutrition”.

    Dr. Grace Danao, UNL Research Assistant Professor, added, “The UNL Food Processing Center is pleased to offer a workshop to pet food manufacturers and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about HPP and freeze drying technologies to produce high quality, safe raw pet foods and treats.”

    Registration is available at https://fpc.unl.edu/petfoodconference.

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