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    Great expectations: Manufacturing high quality pet food to please even the most finicky consumer


    Pet ownership is on the rise – and with it pet food sales. The tendency towards humanization means manufacturers must continually find a balance between pleasing owners and developing healthy foods for these furry friends. GEA technology is helping to bridge this gap, providing pets with the nutrients and foods they both need and enjoy.

  • Dogs onboard the SS Normandie, a 1930s luxury French cruise liner, were offered a five-course menu, including a vegetarian option which their owners could choose for them. These pampered pets had their own private kennel, communal water fountain, fixed deck times, an onboard veterinarian and pet-sized life jackets. This historical factoid reveals an unchanging insight: that owners see their pets as one of the family and want what they define as the best for them when it comes to their health and wellbeing. What has changed: this sentiment and aspiration now extends well beyond the “leisure” classes given that companionship-seeking is on the rise and more people have access to disposable income. This is not only pushing up pet ownership but also the desire for high quality pet foods and snacks.

    Read the whole article soon in the new PetFood PRO coming out April 2020

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