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    State-of-the art Packaging Solutions

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  • We treat every product with the same delicacy and care.

    Pets are part of the family, so we take as much care with their food as we do with yours.

    Our state-of-the art packaging solutions have been designed to protect, pre-serve and present products in the best way possible, ensuring that consumers receive your products in the way you intended.

    Exploiting and leveraging our experiences from multiple vertical industries and many demanding applications, our comprehensive portfolio comprises all packaging-machine formats. You don’t need to compromise… choose a concept, style, speed, throughput, size and flavour mix that perfectly matches your packaging vision and your customers’ needs.

    Modern high-speed electronic and electromechanical control solutions are married to fully integrated in-house developed robotics to deliver tailor-made performance from modular machine platforms that can grow as you grow. Premium technology, cabinet-free frameworks and hygienic design principals are coupled to an easy-to-follow visual machine management system, backed by extensive immersive technology and remote-access capabilities.

    We are ready for your packaging challenges; the petfood industry is demanding a new level of capabilities from its suppliers! Both consumer trends and environmental legislation are creating a fluctuating landscape in terms of material use and multi-flavour packaging formats – how do you keep up with both?

    You need a packaging partner that has conquered these challenges in other industries and is capable of transferring this knowhow and domain expertise to solve your issues. A supplier that also understands your need to be proactive, to set the pace and create the concepts, formats and efficiencies that others strive to follow.

    Cans, trays, pouches and doy bags can all be packaged and presented in a number of ways – including multi-flavour – but which way is right for you… and for your customers? Don’t be restricted by your packaging technology, instead let it give you greater freedom through increased flexibility and agility.

    We can help you design eye-catching packaging concepts, too, and then deliver the means to fill them, accurately, repeatedly and at speed.


    Do not miss the opportunity to meet us in person to discuss your future projects at:

    Pets International Forum, 25 – 27 April, 2022 Amsterdam Beach

    Petfood Forum Kansas City 2-4 May 2022, Kansas City Missouri USA

    Interzoo 24 – 27 May 2022  Nuremberg, Germany

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