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    Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a new vacuum calculator

  • New Vacuum Calculator to find the right vacuum solution

    • Find the right vacuum solution
    • Identify matching products for specific applications
    • Perform different calculations for self-configurated pumping solutions

    Pfeiffer Vacuum offers their customers a vacuum calculation tool to identify specific vacuum products for their application, examine evacuation as well as pump down curves and perform different calculations for self-configurated pumping solutions.

    “With our new vacuum calculator, we aim to make the lives of our customers easier. When looking for the right vacuum solution, the technical parameters can be inserted into the tool and the matching products are displayed. Moreover, customers can perform different calculations for existing pump solutions”, explains Daniela Kunzig, Head of Digital Business. This enables the customers to compare different vacuum solutions with each other.

    The vacuum calculator is available via the webportal „Select & Request“. A contact form is linked to each search or calculation via which the customers can directly contact the sales engineer in charge to request a quote.

    Video 1 and video 2 about Vacuum Calculator

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