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    ­­­Kaeser at POWTECH

    Economical, efficient, sustainable


    The CSG series delivers a dependable and efficient supply of compressed air for oil-free applications.

    In today’s bulk materials industry, operators must be able to manufacture and transport their products cost-effectively yet dependably. At Powtech 2023, Kaeser Kompressoren will be showcasing its range of versatile compressed air solutions, the highlight of which is the new CSG series rotary screw compressor.

    Thanks to a number of sophisticated technical solutions, oil-free compression rotary screw compressors from the CSG series benefit from particularly low energy and space requirement. Driven by a state-of-the-art synchronous reluctance motor, these machines impress with the best possible efficiency classes and an optimal component layout which ensures that compressed air losses are kept to an absolute minimum. This reduces energy costs whilst simultaneously minimising the CO2 footprint.

    Moreover, CSG rotary screw compressors are equipped with a redeveloped airend which features an optimised Sigma Profile finished with a specially designed, “food-safe” coating. Water-cooled CSG machines with integrated heat recovery and hot air control are superbly adapted to the requirements of jet mills, for example, making them particularly cost-efficient and sustainable.

    Companies requiring blowers for their operation need look no further than Kaeser’s EBS rotary screw blowers. Here, the company has set a completely new standard in terms of efficiency and space requirement for blowers with a flow rate of 10 to 41 m³/min, pressure differential up to 1100 mbar and vacuum up to 550 mbar. The SFC version is equipped with an integrated frequency converter and a synchronous reluctance motor. Innovative EBS series machines impress not only with their energy-saving drive concept, but also their intelligent and compact design, which allows all maintenance work to be carried out from the front side of the unit. This makes side-by-side installation possible, even when the complete electrics are installed.

    All of these cost-efficient compressed air supply solutions – and many more besides – can be seen in Hall 4, Stand 4-242.

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