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    ist das erste europäische Magazin, das sich nur mit den Themen Inhaltsstoffe zur Gesundheitsprävention und Lebensmittel und Getränke mit gesundheitsfördernder Wirkung beschäftigt.


    Diese Fachzeitschrift wird als E-Paper mit interaktiven Inhalten angeboten.

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    EPI Ingredients with organic powdered yogurt:

    Adapting the food range to meet existing and emerging societal expectations

  • In fewer than three years, more than 3,100 organic products with powdered milk products have been launched worldwide, including nearly 90 with yogurt powder.(1)

    There are positive signs for the organic market: it meets consumer expectations, with a younger generation committed to a more sustainable diet. The urgent need to address climate change means that we must take action to promote the food transition across the entire value chain (production, processing, distribution, consumption).

    Yogurt-based products and ethnic preparations (Skyr, kefir, etc.) are enjoying growing popularity, thanks to the interest shown in fermentation and the functional properties associated with this category.

    In response, French dairy ingredient supplier Epi Ingrédients has contributed its expertise to a reference in organic yogurt powder.

    This product is the perfect illustration of Groupe Laïta’s CSR approach initiated in 2015, Passion du Lait®. Innovations are designed in response to societal expectations, with a focus on utility and openness to the world.

    Organic yogurt powder: sustainability, ethics, and functional benefits at the heart of our commitments
    To support food industry players in the organic market, EPI Ingredients has carried out extensive sourcing work (raw materials and suppliers) and certified its production facilities to meet the strict requirements of organic specifications.

    The result? A premium organic yogurt powder perfectly suited to the development of products offering functional, nutritional, and organoleptic benefits, without the need for refrigeration.

    The benefits:

    •  A natural yogurt taste: EPI INGREDIENTS makes yogurt and then dries it, unlike more acidic milk powder. It is easy to use and can be incorporated into a wide selection of food matrices, giving strong but pleasant dairy flavours and natural acidity to the finished product.
    • Fermentation control for active or inactive flora.
    • Quality: EPI INGREDIENTS can adapt its formulations to comply with local regulations. Powders are manufactured in an environment producing infant products. As a result, yogurt powders are of high hygienic quality and can be used in baby food.

    A wide range of applications: Ice creams, beverages, infant nutrition, adult nutrition, bakery products… yogurt powder is used in many innovations around the world.
    In particular, it can be found in:

    •  Fillings and toppings for pastries and cakes,
    • Ice cream and frozen desserts,
    • Confectionery, seasonings…
    • Fresh dairy products (such as new ethnic references).
    • Stable yogurt snacks at room temperature,
    • Yogurt drinks and other beverages,
    • Nutritional products.

    Reference: (1) Mintel

    For further information, visit: epi-ingredients.com, www.laita-nutrition.com, www.laita.com

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