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    Wellness Foods & Supplements is the first European magazine devoted exclusively to health ingredients, nutraceutical foods and beverages.

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    Bioactivity matters: Use the right Collagen Peptides for your specific solution


    GELITA is presenting its holistic BCP® (Bioactive Collagen Peptides®) range and offers ready to market concepts on Vitafoods Digital Week on February 2 – 4, 2021. A Webinar provides deep insights in the new role BCP®, as specific proteins, play in Sports Nutrition.

    Not all collagen peptides are created equal and only few are specifically developed and scientifically proven to operate effectively for individual health issues. GELITA offers a complete range of these BCP® for a series of different application areas.

    Your Product portfolio caters Sports Nutrition? GELITA can provide you with a series of BCP® either for joint, bone, muscle or White Tissue support. Or are you more into Healthy Aging? No problem, BCP® offer solutions for the different aspects of maintaining mobility. For the perfect appearance specific Nutricosmetic BCP® can boost your Beauty from Within supplement. And – brand new – GELITA developed a solution for BCP® supporting immune health. One of the most sought after topics these days.

    Should you prefer to get a ready to market product rather than develop your own? In this case GELITA HEALTH can provide you with turn-key BCP® products, ready for the shelf.

    Choose your favorite application format like powder, shot, gummy or even a bar. Use your own brand or license one of the strong international GELITA HEALTH brands – it is up to you.

    If you are interested in learning more about BCP® and what makes them so popular e-meet the GELITA team at the Vitafoods Digital Week and attend our webinar “Collagen Solutions for the White Tissue: The missing link in sports” on February 2, 2021 at 11 am on main stage. Suzane Leser, Director of Nutrition Communication will share newest findings for collagen in sports nutrition with you and provide deep insights on the new role of these special proteins for physical performance and injury prevention.

    More information at: www.GELITA.com

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