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    Wellness Foods & Supplements

    Wellness Foods & Supplements is the first European magazine devoted exclusively to health ingredients, nutraceutical foods and beverages.

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    IFT FIRST - Food Improved by Research, Science and Technology Expo & Event

    GELITA is offering new Sensational Solutions!

  • #AmazingGelatine #AmazingCollagen

    Join GELITA’s Fireside Chat Interview on the Exhibit Floor, Tuesday, July 12 10:30 am – 10:50 am.

    Pleasure meets Health!  GELITA’s next-generation Gelatin for Better-for-You Products
    Sugar-reduced products are desirable to consumers but consumers do not want to sacrifice taste.  GELITA’s sensational solution is SOLUFORM™ for a variety of formulations which are sugar-reduced or protein-enriched. Explore the possibilities during an informal 20-minute chat session led by Angie Rimel and Ginger Waller.  Or, check out the recorded session at your convenience.

    In today’s competitive environment originality is the key to success and GELITA’s products offer various ways to make new product developments a reality. As collagen protein experts, GELITA offers many ingredient options for manufacturers who want to augment their formulations with an additional nutritional value or for those who want to enter this lucrative sector.

    In addition to the unique properties gelatin can bring to your products, you will discover how you can realize protein bars comprising 60% protein and more with PEPTIPLUS® collagen peptides or how GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) can stimulate your body’s collagen metabolism.  These specific BCP® boost beauty from within, bone and joint health, immune health, and more!

    Join us at FIRST, IFT’s annual event and digital experience or contact us directly to make your innovative product ideas a reality!

    GELITA® also offers Geliko® OU Kosher gelatin and collagen peptides.

    For mor information please visit our event website: http://bit.ly/38I3Bjy

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