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    ist das erste europäische Magazin, das sich nur mit den Themen Inhaltsstoffe zur Gesundheitsprävention und Lebensmittel und Getränke mit gesundheitsfördernder Wirkung beschäftigt.


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    SpermidineEvo® wheatgerm concentrate: Stop the clock with natural nutrition for healthy ageing

  • Image: GoodMills Innovation

    Healthy ageing: a topic that is becoming increasingly important for more and more consumers. The population is getting older: 25% of the European population is already over 60 years old, and the trend is rising[1]. With a higher life expectancy in general, many people no longer just want to “grow old”. Nowadays it is about healthy ageing, a high quality of life into old age is strived for. Consumers are taking a proactive approach and are more aware than ever of the connection between ageing, health and nutrition. Stimulating autophagy with the right food can be a delicious way contribute to healthy aging.

    What is “healthy ageing”?
    Slowing down the ageing process and thus preserving people’s health and quality of life – that is the goal of healthy ageing. In addition to genetic predisposition, factors that can be influenced by the individual play a role here. Nutrition is one of them. For this reason, using food to stay healthy longer has become a trend in all age segments, from Gen Z to the best agers[2].

    Functional foods & Spermidine
    Functional foods, meaning foods that can positively affect health due to specific nutrients, are receiving more and more attention in this context. Spermidine, as a natural cell protector and natural autophagy-promoting polyamine, is one of these nutrients. Hence, spermidine-containing functional foods have also seen a significant increase in new product launches in recent years.[3]

    What is the autophagy?
    The autophagy process is some kind of “cell recycling”. Stimulating this cell regeneration process – e. g. through spermidine in high concentrations – can lead to health-protecting and life-prolonging effects. And: spermidine is the only endogenous substance that has a positive effect on autophagy. For SpermidineEvo® we use wheat germ because it has the highest spermidine concentration of all foods – higher than soybeans, buckwheat or rice.

    SpermidineEVO® wheatgerm concentrate
    You can use SpermidineEvo® as the main functional ingredient of hard capsules, tablets, instant powder drinks (sachets), and new nutraceutical applications such as gummy bears and chewing gum. It can also be added as a supplement to muesli bars, protein bars, smoothies, muesli, wheatgerm milk, and bread.

    We deliver the wheatgerm concentrate in different forms to suit the final product: as stabilized raw germ for manufacturer extraction, as ground powder, or as micronized powder for better solubility.

    [1] https://www.un.org/en/desa/world-population-projected-reach-98-billion-2050-and-112-billion-2100
    [2] Innova Health & Nutrition Survey 2021
    [3] Innova Database New Product Launches 2022

    More information: https://www.goodmillsinnovation.com/en/2022/12/spermidineevo-wheatgerm-concentrate-for-healthy-ageing/

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