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    ist das internationale Magazin für die holzverarbeitende Industrie.

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    WEINMANN Treff 2019

    Experience. Network. Inspire.

    This year, the entire timber construction industry came together once again at the WEINMANN Treff in St. Johann, Germany. Around 300 visitors attended the in-house trade fair from November 7–8 and learned about the latest trends and technologies. A number of new technologies that will drive house construction forward were presented. Technical presentations from practice and the accompanying exhibition offered information on current market trends, as well as opportunities to exchange information and ideas.


    WEINMANN presented a number of new technologies for house construction at the in-house trade fair – in particular, technologies for element construction. The newly developed technologies increase customers‘ flexibility and profitability.


    FastenerSwitch quick change of fasteners

    The newly developed quick-change system for the multifunction bridge enables maximum flexibility in selecting and using various fastening devices. In addition to the devices available on the multifunction bridge, a separate station offers four additional fastening units. The multifunction bridge uses the data record to change the required fastening device fully automatically depending on the material. At 500 mm in length, the space required increases only marginally. It’s the ideal solution for enabling even smaller businesses to achieve broad diversity in the selection of fastening devices.


    5-axis technology

    Visitors to the trade fair also had the opportunity to see new options in the area of five-axis technology for element construction. The five-axis unit increases the diversity of processing options and the areas of use- freely interpolating processing operations from different sides are established fully automatically. More processing operations are possible – and with fewer units.


    Automatic insulation with the WALLTEQ M-310 insuFill

    The newly developed WALLTEQ M-310 insuFill enables greater performance and shorter cycle times. Integrated in production lines, it is used as a pure insulating station for inserting loose insulating material. The integrated blowing plate is moved to the respective cavity automatically and inserts the defined quantity of insulating material. Roof and ceiling elements can now also be insulated automatically; the blowing plate can be rotated 90° and ensures optimal distribution of the insulation to each cavity, with an even density, for wall, roof, ceiling and gable elements.


    WALLTEQ M-120 multifunction bridge – low quantities in batch size 1

    For the production of wall, roof, ceiling and gable elements, WEINMANN offers a machine that operates with maximum efficiency, even with small quantities – the WALLTEQ M-120. This carpentry bridge is equipped with holders for stapling and nailing devices and a routing unit to facilitate automatic fastening and processing of the sheathing. Openings for windows, doors and sockets, as well as free forms such as circles, curves or diagonal cuts can all be processed, resulting in finished elements with a high level of dimensional accuracy. With low acquisition costs, the WALLTEQ M-120 offers an excellent price/performance ratio and is the perfect entry-level solution for small and medium-sized carpentry businesses.



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