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    ist das internationale Magazin für die holzverarbeitende Industrie.


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    “I FEEL WOOD” at LIGNA 2023!

  • It is no coincidence that the “motto” chosen by Salvamac for this busy season full of commitments and successes is “I Feel Wood”, a pay off that stands out on a colorful background and recalls a popular song… A message full of vitality and optimism, aiming, first of all, to express the growth path of the Italian-Polish company which, over the last few weeks, is finalizing the transfer of production to a new factory – always in Poznan, along the highway leading to Berlin – that will offer new and larger spaces both for the construction of machines and the set-up of a showroom dedicated to tests and demonstrations. A growth that occurs also through new professionals, employees and technical-commercial staff joining the company. All of them play a crucial role in meeting the increasing demand both in many countries where Salvamac is operating and in new markets where it’s going to expand. 

    A pay off that recalls also the “feeling”: a sensation that a material such as solid wood offers and the fundamental on which Salvamac has built its own mission, originating from the founders’ – Christian Salvador and Ziemovit Dolkowski – almost thirty years’ experience in this industry.



    LIGNA will be an opportunity to present the most recent achievements of Salvamac, starting from the new series of crosscutting saws machines “Legend”, four models with blades of diameter 400, 500, 550 and 600 millimeters equipped with the tested “Salvastop”, the equipment of electronic positioning that transforms the Salvamac cut-off machines in true numerical-control cutting centers, thus making the operations, the available data for company software, equipments and printers for labels or barcode readers extremely simple and fast.



    The family of “top of the ranges” is growing: the „Salvacut 5000“, an optimizing saw of high speed with electronic cutting and a handling that allows the optimization of up to 3500 linear meters per hour, is also getting the addition of the new “Ultracut 7000”, which will be presented in exclusive premiere at Hannover. This is designed and produced particularly for heavy-duty jobs, for sawmills, for cutting of harder woods, for packaging and wherever there is a need to rely on the extreme strength and efficiency of cutting. All this thanksto a blade of 700 millimeters (at least) that ensures precise cuts on elements up to 450×120 millimeters of cutting section. At Ligna you will not miss what it is defined as the “best buy” of Salvamac, the “SalvaPush 2000”, that will be equipped with specific aggregates thus making it suitable for any type of use.

    Among the solutions of Air&Painting department to be exposed at LIGNA, there is the new version of “Voyager”, the suction filter with filter cartridges of high capacity, comprised of touch screen control for its use management with a special attention on energy saving, subject of a careful process of product engineering that makes it even more efficient and “green”. 

    The innovations and the evolution of Salvamac open up new horizons day by day: the company has always made relations, relationships between people, enormous potentialities inherent in creating network one of its own pillars. Collaborations, partnerships, shares that today become a real “set”, a group of companies that cooperate together in order to ensure solid wood professionals having responses in 360 grades. At LIGNA 2023, the brand “WoodWe” will be formally launched, a kind of “umbrella” expressing the design of Salvamac and enhancing the collaborations with various companies committed in the world of solid wood, such as Incoplan in drying, Sia in the cleaning systems, Paoletti in bonding and jointing, Visionmek in the metallic framing, Awom and VF Group in industry services.


    LIGNA hall 27, stand D20


    Salvamac is born as a result of over 30 years of experience in the industry acquired by its own founders, Christian Salvador and Ziemowit Dolkowski, in the world of technologies for solid wood processing. Technical competence, vision and authentic faith on the people’s capacity to create – altogether – better opportunities are the basis of Salvamac’s mission: providing the clients with the solutions of their problems in an integrated manner and responding with three key words, namely, security, simplicity, solidity.

    The activities of the group are based in four production units in three countries. In Izmir (Turkey) the production of metallic frames not only at the group service; in Poznan (Poland) the activity of “Cross-cutting” department for the production of the semi-automatic cut-off machines and the equipment “Salvastop”. The two realities in Italy: in Conegliano (Veneto) we build the optimizing Salvamac saws, while in Avellino (Campania) the partnership with a historical reality from which all the solutions “Air&Painting” are created.

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