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    WiN - woodworking INTERNATIONAL

    ist das internationale Magazin für die holzverarbeitende Industrie.


    Diese Fachzeitschrift wird als E-Paper mit interaktiven Inhalten angeboten.

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    WOOD TAIWAN DigitalGo 2022

    WOOD TAIWAN Online Exhibition Lobby

    WOOD TAIWAN 2022 DigitalGo 2022 begins online April 28. This 2-week DigitalGo from April 28 to May 12 is composed of 5 major events, including online exhibition, Sourcing Taiwan, WOOD Insight, WOODiscover Factory Tour and „Manufacturers WinPodcast. It is hoped that these multiple channels can meet the business needs of domestic and foreign visitors.

    A total of more than 60 domestic and foreign exhibitors will take part in this WOOD TAIWAN 2022 DigitalGo Show. All of them have carefully arranged their booths as if they are giving a physical exhibition to display their latest wood-processing solutions which move toward intelligence, sustainable production and whole-line automation. As the only professional woodworking machinery exhibition in Taiwan, WOOD TAIWAN will use online exhibition as its main axis, around which there will be several peripheral activities.

    Among them, the events on first day will be connected to the WOOD Pro Expo in California, USA for expanded overseas promotion, hoping to bring in buyers from key markets in North America. Beyond that, to allow visitors to directly interact with woodworking machinery suppliers online, the „WOODiscover Factory Tour“ will be launched as a highlighted event in the second week.

    The exhibitors in „WOODiscover Factory Tour“ will not only showcase online their products and production lines one after another at 2 pm every day from May 3rd to 11th but will also answer questions from buyers in real time. Besides, WOOD TAIWAN will cooperate with „Manufacturers Win“ Podcast to launch a themed program series to interview 6 leading exhibitors, namely OAV, Anderson Industrial, Kuang Yung, Innovator, Leadermac, and Jun Shiau. The program will be premiered at 5 pm Taipei Time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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