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    The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.


    This magazine is offered as an e-paper with interactive content.

    Newest issue

    ANCA launches its premium, next generation machine range at IMTS

    Introducing one nanometer axis resolution, the new MX7 ULTRA machine’s performance can maintain less than +/- 0.002mm line form accuracy of any profile which includes ballnose and corner radius endmills.


    The new MX7 ULTRA can manufacture large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools of the highest accuracy and quality. The minute size of a micron is beyond the human eye, but in becoming even more precise and moving from micrometers to nanometers, ANCA will offer the highest accuracy and quality in a cutting tool in the market. New software, hardware and design features are combined to make significant advances in surface finish, accuracy, and controlled runout, for delivering batch consistency from the first ground tool to the thousandth.

    The MX7 ULTRA includes:

    – nanometer control system

    – new servo control algorithm for smooth motion

    – system and mechanical upgrades enhance stiffness and rigidity

    – in-process measuring, balancing and runout compensation for consistent accuracy

    – Motor Temperature Control (MTC) – compensation for thermal expansion on the grinding spindle and

    – specialist training support in how to grind industry leading cutting tools


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