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    The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.


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    Win-win strategy

    Walter and HELLER sign partnership agreement

    Walter AG and Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH recently entered into a technology and development partnership.


    The collaboration focuses on integrated customer solutions for the machining industry. The companies aim to test, optimize and market their products through the joint development of sustainable machining processes.

    The two CEOs of the Baden-Württemberg-based companies are looking forward to working closely together and are more than convinced that this is a win-win strategy. HELLER CEO Dr Thorsten Schmidt: “Walter is an excellent technology partner with extensive tooling expertise and a wealth of experience in machining. In addition, Walter provides the necessary tooling technology to give HELLER’s customers a direct productivity advantage in metal cutting. Together with the strengths that HELLER brings to the table, we are able to forge a strong partnership in the areas of development and technology.”

    According to Christoph Geigges, president of Walter, both companies will clearly benefit from working together: “We see many opportunities in working with HELLER, as they have the knowledge and experience in setting up and machining various workpieces as required. Together with our large assortment of cutting tools we can provide the ideal package for customers. To work with HELLER on specific application projects, covering components in the automotive and aerospace industries around the world, is an exciting development which will bring benefits for all parties.”

    The Tübingen-based company has held a strong partnership with HELLER for many years, both as a customer and as a supplier. Several HELLER machines are already in use at Walter’s technology centers and production facilities.




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