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    DataLase Ltd.

    DataLase´s SB Lamination Coatings Set to Transform Pet Food Packaging

  • DataLase, a global leader in Photonic Printing solutions, has expanded its coatings and substrate application offering by launching a new coatings range for laminated constructions called SB Lamination Coatings. This cutting-edge development is set to revolutionise the pet food packaging market, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalisation, enhanced brand identity, security and authenticity.

    The SB Lamination Coatings are tailored to cater to the unique needs of the pet food industry, providing solutions that support not only the visual appeal of packaging but also address critical concerns such as safety, integrity and consumer trust. Available in four distinct variations to accommodate both CO2 and fibre laser marking systems, these coatings offer transformative colour change capabilities, from translucent to white and white to black, enabling dynamic and engaging packaging designs that capture attention on the shelves.

    Designed for seamless integration into the laminated packaging sector, these coatings are entirely suitable for pet food packaging applications in either solvent-based flexographic or gravure printing processes. The patch, which forms the middle partof a laminated construction between an outer layer of OPP, PE or PET and inner layers of barrier films to avoid direct food contact, can be surface printed or reverse printed to provide anti-counterfeit tamper-proof coding – crucial aspects in maintaining consumer confidence in the pet food market.

    The coatings provide a viable alternative to traditional coding and marking techniques such as continuous inkjet (CIJ), pressure-sensitive labels and laser ablation for variable data coding. They address the industry’s challenge of delivering highly legible, machine-readable, tamper-proof coding and marking without compromising safety.

    Ally Grant, CTO of DataLase, remarked, „In line with our commitment to innovation, the SB Lamination Coatings are designed to eliminate consumables and waste from production environments, significantly improving throughput, productivity and sustainability. Their durability against scuff and rub ensures longevity and reduces the need for rework, offering a cost-effective solution for the pet food industry.

    “These coatings represent a pivotal advancement for this sector, enabling brands to leverage state-of-the-art technology to create packaging that stands out, supports brand values, and ensures product safety and integrity.”

    For more information on how DataLase’s innovative technology can benefit your pet food brand, please visit the website at https://www.datalase.com/sb-lamination-coatings/.


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