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    Wellness Foods & Supplements is the first European magazine devoted exclusively to health ingredients, nutraceutical foods and beverages.

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    SpermidineEvo® from GoodMills Innovation promotes cell health and well-being into later life

    New opportunities for healthy ageing-nutraceuticals

  • With SpermidineEvo®, GoodMills Innovation offers a natural premium wheat germ concentrate with very high spermidine content. The ingredient, which is available as a raw germ for extraction or in powder form, is characterized by a harmonious, slightly nutty taste and is used in capsules, tablets, sachets or novel nutraceutical applications such as functional fruit gums, so-called VMS Gummies and even chewing gum. Spermidine is a natural polyamine that can support cell renewal and thus help slow down the ageing process. Studies show that spermidine has beneficial effects for age-related neurological dysfunction and helps reduce the risk of cognitive impairment in old age.

    GoodMills Innovation has extensive expertise in wheat processing and raw material sourcing – know-how that has continued to grow over the years. This enables the company to offer SpermidineEvo®, a premium ingredient for nutraceutical applications. Its spermidine content, purity and nutritional content are continuously analyzed, and controlled, so that a defined and high spermidine content can be guaranteed.

    Natural cell protection
    Eating spermidine-rich foods has a positive effect on cell regeneration. In the process, known as autophagy, damaged organelles are recycled and used for the biosynthesis of a new generation of cells. As a result, the health of the cell is sustainably improved, making a significant contribution to a healthy ageing process.

    Increasingly, autophagy is coming to the fore in the scientific community too. Back in 2016, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for research on mechanisms of autophagy[1]. Thanks to this and a number of other scientific papers, the influence of spermidine on cell renewal is now widely known and gaining in importance as a research topic. It is assumed that regular intake slows down the ageing process. In addition, spermidine appears to have beneficial effects on age-related neurological disorders and helps reduce the risk of age-related cognitive impairment. Corresponding findings were demonstrated in a scientific study[2], during which the effect of spermidine on the memory performance of older adults with dementia risk was investigated. The spermidine group showed improvements in memory performance compared with the placebo group. These findings are reinforced by the 2021 study “Dietary spermidine improves cognitive function[3]”, in which researchers describe a link between higher spermidine intake and the prevention of age- or disease-related cognitive decline.

    Numerous application possibilities
    “We all age. However, we can influence how and at what pace, and spermidine can play an important role in this,” explains Max Weber, Product Manager Health & Nutrition at GoodMills Innovation. “The uses of SpermidineEvo® in the healthy ageing market are diverse, ranging from hard capsules and tablets to instant powders, beverages, sachets and new dietary supplements such as VMS Gummies or chewing gum.” In addition, it can be used in granola bars, protein bars, smoothies, cereals, wheat germ milk or bread. Depending on the requirements of the end product, GoodMills Innovation produces SpermidineEvo® in various forms: as stabilized raw germ for further processing by the manufacturer, and as ground or even finely ground powder for better solubility.

    As part of the GoodMills Group, Europe’s largest milling group, GoodMills Innovation can guarantee the availability of the ingredient through a secure raw material supply, and also assures its customers of supply security for high-quality, large quantities.

    More information: https://www.goodmillsinnovation.com/en/2022/12/spermidineevo-wheatgerm-concentrate-for-healthy-ageing/

    [1]In 2016, cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his findings on autophagy.
    [2]The effect of spermidine on memory performance in older adults at risk for dementia: A randomized controlled trial / Wirth M., Benson G., Schwarz C., Kobe T., Grittner U., Schmitz D., Sigrist S.J., (…), Floel A. / (2018) Cortex, 109 , pp. 181-188.
    [3]Dietary spermidine improves cognitive function / Schroeder et al., 2021, Cell Reports 35, 108985 / April 13, 2021

    Photo: GoodMills Innovation

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