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    ist das erste europäische Magazin, das sich nur mit den Themen Inhaltsstoffe zur Gesundheitsprävention und Lebensmittel und Getränke mit gesundheitsfördernder Wirkung beschäftigt.


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    Menobelle™, living through the menopause comfortably

  • Women have to address any number of specific issues throughout their lives, but tackling physical concerns and the desire to age happily and healthily are major priorities. Menopause is one of these issues and is associated with personal challenges and changes in personal roles within the family and society.

    Committed to improving women’s well-being, Robertet has developed Menobelle™, a solution to live through the menopause comfortably.

    This upcycled ingredient containing lemon balm, bergamot and peony relieves the physical and mental discomforts of menopause. It can be easily used in food supplements or functional foods and its efficiency has been proven with clinical studies.

    Menopause, a key stage in women’s health
    The women’s health market continues to grow. Indeed, the annual growth rate of the global market is estimated at 12,4% over the period 2020-2030(1). Femtech startups worldwide have invested and raised a record of 2.6 billion euros, up 44% from 2020(2).

    Menopause is a natural event in a woman’s life. For 85% of women, this phenomenon is also associated to physical and emotional changes that can strongly affect their everyday life.(3) With an estimation of 9.7 billion people in 2050, and an aging population4, the number of menopausal women is set to rise. Numerous challenges are being launched on the market to meet women’s needs.

    Menobelle™ a new active for women’s health
    Menobelle™ is an ingredient that accompanies women during menopause to target physical and mental changes.

    This natural ingredient is composed of a blend of synergistic Mediterranean plants, without hormones or phyto-oestrogens compared to some ingredients on the market.

    • Menobelle™ is composed of Melissa officilalis, a plant of Robertet sourcing extracted from fresh leaves. This plant improves sleep, mood, cognitive health, digestion and bloating.
    • Citrus bergamia, supplied thanks to a long-standing partnership with Robertet, also enters in the ingredient’s composition. It targets cardio-metabolic disorders.
    • The third plant is Paeonia lactiflora which has analgesic and antispasmodic properties to fight against menopausal disorders.

    Beyond the natural character of the ingredient, Menobelle™ matches with the sustainability trend, as it is upcycled.

    This ingredient offers an effective solution that women can trust. A clinical study was carried out on 153 pre-menopausal and menopausal women aged 45 to 55. With two capsules of Menobelle™, two times a day, during two months, the ingredient had relieved menopausal discomforts.

    Indeed, Menobelle™ had decreased many menopausal symptoms: hot flushes, night sweats, need for solitude, dissatisfaction with work life, stomach pain, fatigue, sexual desire reduction, lack of energy, physical changes, irritability… The results had been proven from the second month.

    The ingredient, in the form of a beige to yellow powder, is not soluble in water. It can be easily used in food supplements or functional foods. The optimal dose is 475 mg/day. With its plant-based composition, it is suitable for vegans.

    The following claims can be used for the ingredient: Menobelle™ relieves menopausal discomfort, including mental and physical well-being.
    Robertet is aware of the problems women face throughout their lives, especially menopause.

    Robertet, a partner in women’s health
    Robertet, committed to improving women’s well-being, expresses its desire to support women at every stage of life, with the development of a range of ingredients whose reliability and efficacy have been proven by scientific studies.
    – Among these ingredients, Lipowheat™ targets a glowing and younger-looking skin.
    – Holimel® also plays a role in skin beauty, and particularly in the skin photoaging protection.
    – To help reduce cellulite, Dimpless® has been developed.
    – And Robertet doesn’t stop here: Keranat™ acts on the anti-hair loss solution to enhance hair beauty.

    With many ingredients designed to improve women’s quality of life, Robertet is deep into the women’s health.

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    For more information, please visit: www.robertet.com

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