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    dihw MAGAZIN

    Feature articles from research and industry from the basis of the comprehensive editorial content about specific usage and application of tools with superhard coatings.

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    The trade publication dihw MAGAZIN reports quarterly on tools and processes for machining metals, metal alloys, composites, natural stone, concrete, wood and wood products, glass and other products.

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  • What do you read in dihw MAGAZIN?
    Cross-industry reports in terms of the specific use and application of tools with superhard cutting materials made of diamond, PCD, CVD, CBN, or materials such as ceramics and carbide. Supplemented by well-founded technical articles from
    science, research and industry.

    Who reads the dihw MAGAZIN?
    Decision-makers in the field of application of industrial diamonds, readers from the international automotive industry as well as from highly specialized supplier companies for the innovative aerospace industry. Also specialists from the gear manufacturing industry, from the woodworking industry and users of high-performance tools in metalworking, in the processing of natural stone, concrete and glass as well as in the wood and plastics processing industry.

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