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    the Roll-fed labeling revolution, by P.E. Labellers


    Simpl-Cut® is a revolutionary labeling solution, which overturns the traditional principles of Roll-fed machines and allows you to achieve an unprecedented increase in productivity and economic savings.
    Launched on the market in 2021, it is not surprising that Simpl-Cut® has already won two international Innovation Awards as the most innovative product in Packaging and is gaining the trust of thousands of customers around the world.

  • Let’s find out why Simpl-Cut® is different

    Customers around the world use Roll-Fed labelers with hot glue technology. Despite being widely consolidated, traditional Roll-fed has three disadvantages:

    • High costs in the maintenance of cutting and gluing systems and for the many technical interventions required.

    • Machine downtime necessary to clean the drum and other surfaces.

    • Replacing the cutting blade is complex and requires long machine downtime.

    Simpl-Cut® overcomes these limitations and allows you to obtain:

    • Superior quality in the labeling system.

    • Optimization in processes.

    • Cost reduction.

    Thanks to its unique characteristics Simpl-Cut® allows you to obtain up to 6% annual increase in productivity, tested by customers who regularly use the machine.

    The main benefits of Simpl-Cut®:

    • Allows you to reduce the high costs of maintaining cutting and gluing systems 

    • Eliminates the dreaded downtime needed to clean the drum and other surfaces

    • Greatly simplifies complex cutting blade replacement in less than 1 minute

    • Allows heat shrink wrap applications

    It offers two technologies in one machine: this means that a single labeling station can combine roll-fed hot glue and pre-adhesive linerless technologies. This allows you to obtain unparalleled flexibility and maximum freedom of choice depending on production needs, being able to switch from one technology to another in 10 seconds using the same drum.

    Simpl-Cut® boasts advantages capable of enormously optimizing the production processes of companies in different sectors: much loved in beverage, it is also highly appreciated in Food & Dairy, HC & PC, Chemical and Pharma.

    P.E. LABELLERS – Company Profile

    Total Flexibility is the key point around which the entire production philosophy of P.E. Labellers revolves. The company is today a global market leader in the design and creation of labeling machines and systems. The modularity of the solutions offered by P.E. allows you to combine all the different existing labeling technologies: pre-cut with hot glue, hot glue reel, cold glue reel, pressure sensitivete, heat shrink systems, hybrid labeling solutions. The concept of flexibility is extended to every component of the machines, designed in ergonomic solutions and strongly oriented towards energy saving.

    Founded in 1974 in Mantua (Italy), P.E. Labellers provides innovative rotary and linear labeling solutions, aimed at the beverage, wine & spirits, food & dairy, home care & personal care, pharma, chemical sectors. Today there are 10,000 P.E. machines installed all over the world and largely managed remotely, thanks to continuous assistance and maintenance services. P.E. Labellers has a global dimension, with 8 production sites distributed between Italy, USA, Brazil and +500 employees worldwide.


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