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    Cama Group

    From tins, through trays and pouches and back to tins again! The pet food industry never stays still. What can you do to keep pace?

  • Don’t let your packaging operations be the weak link.

    Here’s a secondary packaging tick list. Do you need:

    •   Multi flavour
    •   Multi count
    •   Multi format
    •   Multi size
    •   Innovative packaging designs
    •   Shelf-ready packaging
    •   Easy mechanical changeover
    •   Multiple packaging recipes
    •   Sustainable material capabilities

    Any packaging company can do one, two or possibly three, if you ticked all nine, you need to speak to Cama!

    Our Breakthrough Generation (BTG) solutions are setting the standard in secondary packaging in the pet food industry. The BTG approach comprises modular, scalable frameworks that offer easy entry and access, coupled to a hygienic machine design. Within this framework, contemporary automation solutions, including advanced rotary and linear servo technology, can be tightly coupled to in-house-developed robotics, to deliver all-important flexibility and adaptability required by modern pet food packaging operations.

    Download our Petfood brochure and speak to your local Cama representative today and get prepared for the next game changer!

    Cama is also part of PetFood Competence Network: www.petfoodcompetence.net

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