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    PuK – Process Technology & Components

    A technical trade magazine with a history of 60 years.

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    This magazine is offered as an e-paper with interactive content.

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    “PuK – Process Technology & Components“ is a technical trade magazine with a history of 60 years.


    To explain the vast range of applications of pumps, compressors and components, five special topics have been determined according to economic and research needs:

    • Water/Wastewater/Environmental Technology
    • Energy/Oil/Gas/Heavy Industry
    • Automotive/Shipbuilding
    • Chemistry/Pharmaceutics/Biotechnology
    • Food and Beverage Industry

    The scientific aspect of the articles is of great importance for us. This is successfully ensured by the editorial board composed of recognized experts from science and industry and presided by professor Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Schlücker. To top off the content, company news and innovations as well as a Technical Data Purchasing Guide and brand name register have been included. The annual edition “PuK – Process Technology & Components“ serves as an intersectoral guide, which is published in two languages in the run-up of the Hanover Fair – complemented by special editions (in Russian language) which also cover the main topics.

    In 2020, the focus of the publication will be on Valve World Expo, Powtech, BrauBeviale und sps ipc drives.

    Furthermore “PuK“ will be distributed on selected trade fairs in Latin America, Asia and Russia and individually dispatched to qualified readers.

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