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    Wellness Foods & Supplements

    Wellness Foods & Supplements is the first European magazine devoted exclusively to health ingredients, nutraceutical foods and beverages.

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    Have a sneak preview at FIE/HIE of what’s coming next from the innovation leader in collagen proteins

    GELITA brings a wealth of new ideas to Paris

  • The next generation of gummies is fortified, sugar-free or protein enriched. Be one of the first to discover innovative solutions provided by GELITA at FIE/HIE in Paris. Learn about the vast benefits of a specific gelatin for starch-free gelatin gummy production. Discover how you can realize high-dosage beauty chews or high-protein gummies. Or find out how you can deliver your nutrient or active ingredient to the right part of the body. Our expert lectures on site will finally help you to turn all this into a competitive edge on the market.

    GELITA presents:

    CONFIXX™ innovative Gelatin for Starch-Free Molding
    You can produce fortified gummies with a gentle treatment of the sensitive actives in a starch-thus dust-free process while completely avoiding the risk of cross-contamination. With CONFIXX™ you can realize this in a fraction of time. And the best: You can maintain the beloved texture and mouthfeel of gelatin gummies.

    SOLUFORM® – zero sugar and high protein gummies with no compromise
    You are able to reduce the sugar content of your gummies – even down to zero – or increase their protein load up to 35%. With SOLUFORM™ you can, without compromising taste or texture and with your existing equipment.

    VERISOL® HST – beautiful skin with just 3 gummies a day
    With VERISOL® HST you can create beauty gummies that deliver the recommended daily dose of 2.5 grams of VERISOL® in only three gummies.

    From GELITA® RXL R2 to GELITA® EC– release the fill of your softcaps according to your customers’ needs
    You can now exactly define when and where in the body the fill of your soft capsule will be released. With the targeted release portfolio from GELITA, this is easy. From a rapid release in the stomach with GELITA® RXL R² to a late enteric release only in the small intestine with GELITA® EC – you have the choice.

    Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) for regulatory approved health solutions
    Conquer new growth areas in health & nutrition markets based on scientifically proven active ingredients. Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) from GELITA help you stand out from the crowd. With the proven efficacy of BCP® there is less for you to worry about non-validated claims.

    Outstanding Services
    Your ingredient provider not only delivers high quality ingredients but also offers extraordinary services helping you to create a clear edge on the market. GELITA offers comprehensive regulatory guidance, joint product development, technical service and even marketing support. Challenge us!

    Experts on Stage:
    Visit the GELITA presentations on the Exhibitor Showcases Theatre:

    December 6, 14:30:
    “Bring your Gummies to the next level”
    Natalie Leuwer, Global Category Management;
    Dr. Johanna Schmidgall Global Application Technology & Product Development

    December 7, 11:30:
    “Beyond Beauty, How Bioactive Collagen Peptides Make a Difference in Women’s Health”
    Martin Walter, Global Category Management

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