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    Founded in Leipzig in 1919 as Übersee-Post for the promotion of exports, Dr. Harnisch Verlag is an owner-managed, medium-sized company that is a competent partner for decision-makers from industry, trade and services and an indispensable source of information for a wide variety of sectors from industry and trade.

    Trade magazines, trade journals and special publications are published by the publishing house based in Nuremberg. Specialized in the B2B business, Dr. Harnisch Verlag provides specialists and executives from industry, trade and sales with important background knowledge through current user reports, technical articles and thematic focal points from Germany and abroad. Numerous freelance editors from the most diverse areas support the specialized publishing house with its task. The publishing programme focuses on the food and beverage industry, process technology, precision tools, the food trade, the construction industry, the woodworking industry and the advertising media industry.

    Due to the editorial feeling for trends and important topics of the different markets, the trade journals of the Dr. Harnisch Verlag are indispensable reading as well as efficient advertising media in print and digital.

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