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    food Marketing & Technology is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the food industry.

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    World Innovation HB3 from Craemer – the first completely closed plastic pallet box

  • Hygiene is a crucial factor in technical and logistical processes in the food industry including packaging of food stuff. Craemer, with over 60 years of experience in plastics processing, has developed the HB3, a pallet box entirely made of food-safe polyethylene (PE): hygienic, robust, ideal for this sector.

    Particularly demanding requirements and strict laws apply when it comes to processing highly sensitive raw materials or food. This also applies to transport and storage of these products. In process technology, base materials and end products are subject to high safety requirements covering the entire production environment. Due to the sensitivity of these products, all relevant hygiene regulations must be complied with in both, technical and intralogistics processes. In this context, plastic load carriers make a decisive contribution – pallet boxes from Craemer, such as the newly developed HB3 hygiene pallet box, enhance the safety of products and processes.

    Craemer Group has acquired extensive know-how and draws from decades of experience. The family-run company with headquarters in Herzebrock-Clarholz (Germany) has been processing plastics since 1958. Hygienic, durable, sturdy, versatile, maintenance-free, reliable – these are the characteristics of today’s portfolio of products made of high-quality, single-grade, food-safe and recyclable PE. Particularly suitable for food industry: the HB3, specially designed as a hygiene pallet box (HB).

    HB3 hygiene pallet box – a worldwide innovation on the market

    With this development, the specialist in plastics offers a world first innovation: HB3 is the first and only completely closed pallet box on the market with welded runners. The HB3 hygiene pallet box in industrial size (outer dimensions, l x w x h: 1200 x 1000 x 790 millimetres) consists of two one-piece injection-moulded elements: the box body as the top part and the pallet with three welded runners as the bottom part. Another special feature: A patented weld seam geometry for joining both plastic elements ensures maximum impact resistance and break strength; the weld seam is contour-milled and therefore almost invisible.

    The HB3 pallet box, with a tare weight of approx. 42 kilograms (without reinforcement profiles), can carry a volume of max. 580 litres, withstand a stacking load of 5000 kilograms and has a payload of 900 kilograms. The hygienic plastic box is extremely rigid thanks to the welding of top and bottom part. Three additional metal reinforcement profiles (available as an option) permit a further increase of bending stiffness.

    Seamless construction for easy cleaning

    Construction and design of the box body ensure optimum hygiene. The completely closed HB3 hygiene pallet box has excellent cleaning properties and no nooks or crannies in which bacteria may settle. The smooth inner walls and the welded runners allow easy emptying, cleaning and drying. The almost invisible contour-milled welding seam, the clean and clear lines, the minimal ribbing and the rounded shape also contribute to this.

    The special shape, combined with excellent tipping properties, ensures easier emptying – even of deep-frozen contents. The design of the new hygiene pallet box from Craemer has neither any cavities nor ribs and provides reliable protection against contamination or water ingress. This makes the HB3 pallet box perfect for hygienic applications in the food sector.

    Sensitive contents are protected during all (intra-)logistical processes. The double-walled design of the side walls above the entry openings provides increased impact protection against forklift tines, while the reduced entry height ensures smooth movement and storage in automated high-rack systems. Thanks to the robust, welded runners with high dimensional stability, the HB3 hygiene pallet box runs smoothly on all standard conveyor elements, chain and roller conveyors – just like all Craemer load carriers.

    High quality standard with optional equipment

    The HB3 hygiene pallet box is optionally available with two closed or open drain port holes. The integrated 1-inch or 2-inch thread and a drill mark make it easier to open the drains at a later stage, if required. The hygienic plastic pallet box has a circumferential stacking step in the top and bottom rim (Euro stacking system), which makes it compatible with a wide range of other boxes. A custom-fit end lid is available as an optional feature. With or without lid, the hygiene pallet box from Craemer can be stacked three units high. It can be equipped with RFID transponders to permit seamless tracking.

    Further quality features of the HB3 pallet box as well as of all other Craemer pallet boxes: It can withstand temperatures of -30 to +40 degrees Celsius, briefly up to +90 degrees, runs smoothly, is maintenance-free, remains dimensionally stable even during intensive use – and is therefore durable and sustainable. In addition, printing fields offer space for an individual logo, lettering or numbering; studded fields can be used for temporary stickers.

    Craemer Group

    The family-run group of companies with its headquarters in Germany was founded in 1912 as a metal processing plant. At the end of the 1950s, plastics processing was added as a further business activity. Craemer initially manufactured large containers using the injection moulding process and in 1967 received a patent for the world’s first plastic pallet moulded in one shot. In the 1980’s wheelie bins were included in the product range.

    Today Craemer is firmly established worldwide as a specialist in metal forming, plastics processing and tool making. The group has four European production sites and a global network of sales partners and offices. In 2022, the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic (intra-)logistics solutions achieved a total operating performance of 372 million euros with around 1000 employees.




    Hygienic and extremely robust: Construction and design of the HB3 hygiene pallet box from Craemer ensure stability and maximum hygiene. (Photo: Craemer Group)

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